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How To Counter The Dredge In Dead By Daylight

Looking to counter the Dredge in Dead by Daylight? Here is how you can stand strong against this killer as a survivor.
How To Counter The Dredge In Dead By Daylight

The Dredge was added to Dead by Daylight during the Roots of Dread chapter alongside Haddie Kaur, and the character remains one of the most formidable foes in the game thanks to his creepy Nightfall ability. Because he's such a challenging and unique killer to go up against, many players struggle to counter him - but we're here to help.

in this article, you'll find tips for survivors on how to counter The Dredge, the killer who is potentially responsible for the disappearance of the horse Maurice whose lore was elaborated on in Tome 14.

Update 27 March 2023 - This article has been updated to reflect all of the changes to Dead by Daylight that affect the best counters to The Drdege.

Determine The Killer's Identity

dead by daylight dredge
Players can determine that The Dredge is the killer for their trial by looking out for locks on lockers. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

When the game trial starts, you can quickly determine whether you are up against the Dredge or not, preventing a potential ambush. Just look at any locker you can find around the trial. You'll see a glowing yellow lock on every locker if you are playing against The Dredge (unless he has already broken any of them). If you see these locks, be sure to use them wisely, as they'll slow him down momentarily if he attempts to exit a locked locker.

Avoid Staying Close To Lockers

Against this killer, you will want to avoid staying close to any lockers throughout the trial as much as possible to prevent an ambush. You should also avoid going into any lockers - if the Dredge teleports to any locker near you, he will instead come to your locker and grab you out of it, putting you instantly into the dying state!

You can lock the lockers around you if you need to complete generators near lockers, but be careful - locks can only be used once and aren't a foolproof shield against the Dredge for this reason.

Be Aware And Listen Carefully During Nightfall

dead by daylight dredge nightfall
Survivors should stay alert during Nightfall if they want to survive. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Nightfall is the unique mechanic to the Dredge, and it is arguably his most powerful ability. Still, there are ways to counter it as a survivor if you pay careful attention since Nightfall gives many audio and visual cues.

You can hear an audio warning when Nightfall is about to begin, giving you a few seconds to prepare; after that, the survivor's screen becomes completely dark, making it almost impossible to see. The Dredge's teleportation is quicker during Nightfall, and he also gains the Undetectable status effect that removes his terror radius and red stain for the whole duration of the fall.

Once Nightfall begins, you can detect that The Dredge is coming near you by listening for the whispers and howls that emit from the Dredge when he nears you. Once you hear this, attempt to make as much distance as possible and look out behind you. Increase your volume or wear headphones to avoid getting caught off-guard.

Heal Yourself As Quickly As Possible

The more injured survivors there are, the faster Nightfall will come. Your first priority should be to heal yourself as quickly as possible if you get injured during the trial. The perk Boon: Circle of Healing not only makes a good landmark for vision during Nightfall but also slows its occurrence altogether by providing a good way to make other survivors regroup and heal even faster. It's a good idea to add it to your survivor build.

Be Careful Of His Anti-Loop Ability

Along with his Nightfall, The Dredge has an anti-loop ability that he can use to trick survivors and teleport across distances using his Remnant. While using the Remnant, however, The Dredge cannot attack until he returns to it, meaning it's best for mind-game plays and can be countered by survivors.

The best way to notice that the Dredge is indeed using his ability is to notice that his speed has slowed down; once activated, it leaves a Remnant behind, which allows him to teleport himself back to his Remnant and hit you if possible.

To avoid being hit by the Dredge returning to his Remnant or ending up in a lose-lose situation, it would be best to leave the loop as soon as possible when you notice him using his power. He will have no choice but to release his power, hitting him with a cooldown and leaving enough time for you to escape. 

That's all you need to know to counter The Dredge in Dead by Daylight. Good luck in the fog!

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