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Dead By Daylight Update Ends Three-Gens, Adds FOV Slider

Dead by Daylight's newest update features major updates to the game.
Dead By Daylight Update Ends Three-Gens, Adds FOV Slider
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's January 2024 developer update adds numerous features that fans have been asking for for years, from an FOV slider, to changes to the Hillbilly, and a solution to the infamous "three--gen" killer strategy.

For those interested in Dead by Daylight's competitive balance, the three-gen changes are no doubt the most impactful in this patch. Since Dead by Daylight's start, killers have been able to execute a controversial "three-gen" strategy that is nearly impossible for survivors to counter. Using this strategy, killers choose three generators that are within close proximity of one another to protect - either at the beginning or the end of the game - and patrol them. This could lead to matches dragging on for much longer than usual, proving for frustrating play on both sides.

three gen dbd
Killers like Skull Merchant will no longer be able to utilize the infamous "three-gen" strategy. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The new gameplay tweaks to combat this strategy set a limit to the number of times a killer can kick a generator, ensuring that they can't continue to regress it indefinitely. To equally nerf things on the survivor side, survivors will no longer be able to "Gen tap" to stop generators from regressing; at least 5% of progress will be necessary to stop a generator's regression.

These gameplay changes also come with a new FOV slider, which will allow players to adjust their field-of-view for a better playing experience. The feature is only for killers. This is one of many recent accessibility updates provided by Dead by Daylight; just before it came the new visual heartbeats, which allow survivors to visually see the killer's terror radius. However, the new FOV sliders will make perks like Shadowborn obsolete; those perks have also seen tweaks to give them a new purpose.

You can see all of the changes included in Dead by Daylight's January 2024 developer update in the game's patch notes. Most of the changes outlined in the developer update are available to try out in the current Alan Wake PTB, which also features new survivor Alan Wake and his three personal perks.

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