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How To Get The Vic Viper Charm In Dead by Daylight with Konami Code

Here's how to get the Vic Viper charm using Dead by Daylight's Konami code.
How To Get The Vic Viper Charm In Dead by Daylight with Konami Code

Dead by Daylight offers fans the opportunity to add to their charm collection by completing Rift tiers, entering codes shared in various ways, and completing challenges in the Archives. However, there is one secret charm - the Vic Viper charm - that players will need to follow a unique process to unlock. 

We're here to share this secret code and steps with you so you can get your very own Vic Viper charm associated with DBD's Silent Hill chapter. Let's take a look at how to get the Vic Viper Charm using the Konami Code in Dead by Daylight.

How To Get Vic Viper Charm In Dead by Daylight

The Vic Viper charm was released with Dead by Daylight's Silent Hill chapter as an homage to Konami, Silent Hill's developers. (The Konami code is an Easter egg that the development studio has placed into many of their games over the years.)

To get the Vic Viper charm in Dead by Daylight, players will need to enter a code called the Konami code. You'll need to enter the code on the game's main menu, so you won't need to head to the Store like you do when entering other codes.

konami code
The Konami code is in many Konami games, including collabs like Dead by Daylight. (Picture: YouTube)

Dead by Daylight Konami Code

Here are the codes on each platform:


Konami Code


Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start


Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, O, X, Options


W, W, S, S, A, D, A, D, Right Mouse, Left Mouse, Enter

If it doesn't work, try entering the code again very quickly, as it can sometimes be finicky. It's also worth noting that several players have noted that the codes aren't currently working on consoles.

However, it's equally possible that these players aren't following two further rules.

  1. You need to own the Silent Hill DLC
  2. You must have Pyramid Head selected so he is visible on the menu when entering the Konami code

Once you've successfully entered the code, you should hear an 8-bit theme and receive the Vic Viper charm in your inventory. Many fans will no doubt be excited to get their hands on some Konami swag in Dead by Daylight, given the upcoming release of the Silent Hill 2 remake.

Players can get other Silent Hill charms, including Mira from Silent Hill 2 and a UFO charm referencing the original game's UFO ending, by purchasing Silent Hill cosmetics and characters like James Sunderland, Maria, Cybil Bennett, Lisa Garland, or Alessa Gillespie.

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