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Dead Cells "End Is Near" As Devs Confirms End Of Support

Developers Motion Twin and Evil Empire end their "creative journey," confirming the end of support for the roguelike platformer Dead Cells.
Dead Cells "End Is Near" As Devs Confirms End Of Support
(Picture: Motion Twin)

The action roguelike platformer Dead Cells will conclude its heroic journey as developers Motion Twin and Evil Empire confirm the end of their "creative journey." The studio uploaded a post to the game's Steam page on 9th February 2024, providing an update on the game's future, which revealed that they'll be ending its support for the action roguelike platformer.

This comes as the developers unveiled their upcoming content plans for Dead Cells, including the final two updates for mobile, console, and PC. It's confirmed that Update 34 will arrive this year; however, the last update doesn't have a release date, but Dead Cells' future will end with Update 35.

Motion Twin detailed in a post on Dead Cells' Steam page that Update 34, "Clean Cut," will arrive on mobile devices sometime in 2024, with Update 35, "The End is Near," coming soon to consoles and PCs. The developers intended to release both updates simultaneously; however, "as things unfolded, we had to adjust our timeline to get everything where we wanted it to be."

We really wanted to bring this update to you quickly, but it turns out we can't release it just yet. We are all hands on deck trying to figure this out, so please look out for more updates in the future.

As such, Update 35 will be the final content update for Dead Cells, which "marks the end of our creative journey on the game" after a five-year-long partnership with Evil Empire and seven years since Dead Cells' release. Evil Empire will be working on its next IP as the decision was made following the release and success of the "Return to Castlevania" DLC, as they wish to steer clear of the "more of the same" trap while keeping the game as fresh as possible.

This change explains the recent quiet period on updates, as concluding such a partnership required careful planning to ensure a smooth process for everyone, including the community. As always, we will, of course, continue to find solutions to make sure that all quality-of-life issues and bugs are properly fixed across all platforms to provide a worthy experience to all of you.

Motion Twin will continue with new and upcoming projects within the Dead Cells universe for players to experience "in totally new ways." This includes the Animated series, a board game "and… the Beheaded appearing in another world?!' while continuing development on their next game, Windblown, which was announced in December 2023 and releasing in Early Access via Steam this year.