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Who Is The Best Slayer In Dead Island 2?

Looking for the best Dead Island 2 character? Say no more. Learn more about choosing the best Slayer to match your playstyle.
Who Is The Best Slayer In Dead Island 2?

Are you wondering who the best character is in Dead Island? We get it -- with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect Slayer. From Danny's Irish accent to Bruno's odd resemblance to Lil Pump, it can be challenging to cover all your bases and decide on the best Dead Island 2 Slayer that aligns best with your preferences.

But don't worry! That's where this ultimate Dead Island 2 characters guide comes in. We'll detail the best Slayer for zombie-smashing based on rigorous mathematical analysis of their attributes to help inform your decision. So if you're ready, keep reading to find out and learn how to choose the best Slayer class in Dead Island 2.

How To Decide On The Best Character In Dead Island 2


To be quite blunt, there isn't much difference between the Slayers in Dead Island 2, and this is due to a few factors. But before we discuss it in more depth, it's worth noting that we have decided on a "best" and "worst" character in Dead Island 2 toward the end of the article. However, instead of jumping the gun, it's in your interest to read this section first.

With that out of the way, it's important to note that the developers intentionally designed the characters with different attributes and innate skills to cater to different playstyles. Still, they have done so in a way that ensures each Slayer has various strengths and weaknesses. This means that while some Slayers may be stronger in certain areas, they will have corresponding inadequacies in others. Thus, they are effectively balanced across the board in Dead Island 2.

For example, Ryan has high Toughness and Resilience, making him an unusually tanky character. However, the caveat is that he has low Agility and Crit damage, meaning he can't deal as much damage. On the other hand, Bruno has low Toughness and Resilience, making him squishy, but he has serious Crit damage, allowing him to bash in zombies' brains a lot more effectively. The other Slayers have similar trade-offs in their attributes, making it difficult to say that one Slayer is definitively better than the others.


Additionally, an analysis of the Innate skills reveals that while specific traits can be helpful, they don't provide a significant advantage over other Slayers in Dead Island 2. Depending on the playstyle, some skills may be more useful than others, but they aren't game-changing overall. For example, Carla's innate skill, "Rapid Recovery," allows her to regenerate health faster, which is helpful in combat. Still, it doesn't make her significantly better than other characters who don't have this skill.

Moreover, some attributes are not as important as they might initially seem. For example, Agility only appears to affect walking speed and not sprint speed, which is unimportant considering that sprinting is unlocked for everyone relatively early in the storyline. Additionally, while Crit damage may seem important, there is not a significant enough difference between characters to be the sole focus of decision-making. Likewise, while Stamina affects heavy attacks, it can be balanced with the character's Innate skills and playstyle. In this regard, more important factors would arguably be Resilience, Toughness, and Peak Health.

Who Is The Best Character In Dead Island 2?


That said, the best character in Dead Island 2 is presumably Jacob. He has the highest effective health in the game, and his first innate skill gives him a stackable minor damage boost when attacking in quick succession. This means he can deal massive damage when he manages to keep the stack going. Additionally, his second skill gives him a moderate crit damage boost when his Stamina is low, and he lands a critical hit, which can be a powerful combo when used correctly. Jacob's attributes and innate skills also make him a well-designed character with a high skill ceiling and the potential for massive power output.

And for the sake of prosperity, the worst character in Dead Island 2 would be Amy (sorry -- not sorry). Her innate skills, which involve regaining Stamina when hitting a zombie with a weapon throw and a minor damage boost when attacking isolated zombies, are not all that useful. Additionally, her throwing of weapons is generally ineffective and not recommended, and it is rare to encounter lone zombies in Dead Island 2. Furthermore, her attributes are not impressive, making her one of the least desirable characters to play as. Therefore, if you want to pick a character in Dead Island 2, Amy may not be the best choice.

And that concludes our guide on the best Slayer in Dead Island 2. We hope we've helped you make an informed decision on which character to play. We would like to extend a special thank you to MrRoflWaffles, whose analysis of the characters' attributes provided valuable insight into the gameplay mechanics and helped inform this guide. Be sure to check out and subscribe to their YouTube channel for more exciting video game analyses and guides.