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Dead Island 2 Brock's Safe Keys Location

Here's how to get Brock's keys in Dead Island 2.
Dead Island 2 Brock's Safe Keys Location

One of the most integral parts of gameplay in Dead Island 2 is finding keys to locked doors, safes, and other items. There's just an unprecedented amount of these in HELL-A, and unlocking them is always worth it because of the tantalizing loot they offer. 

In the Bel-Air district, you find Curtis' Safe and Cable Guy's Van, just to name a few. There's also the Safe of Broseidon in the Goat Pen mansion that requires Brock's keys to open.

If you're reading this, chances are you want to know how to get Brock's keys in Dead Island 2, so read on and we'll tell you everything you need to know.

How to get Brock's keys in Dead Island 2

brock safe key
Goat Pen Brock has the safe's key. (Picture: Shreyansh / Deep Silver)

You can get Brock's keys by defeating Goat Pen Brock, who's now a Crusher. You can find Brock near the Goat Pen mansion's swimming pool, which you also might visit to find Obi's keys in the Lost & Found quest. Sometimes, Brock can spawn in the gym next to the pool.

goat pen brock location
The exact spawn location of Goat Pen Brock. (Picture: Shreyansh / Deep Silver)

However, Brock won't spawn here until you finish the main quest in Halperin Hotel and return to Bel-Air at night for the quest "O Michael, Where Art Thou? 

After this, Brock will always spawn near the Goat Pen's pool. Since he's a Crusher, taking him down won't be easy. You can, however, lure him into the pool and electrocute him using one of your electric weapons for a relatively smoother kill. 

Once you take him down, grab Brock's Safe key and head to the top floor of the Goat Pen mansion. The Safe of Broseidon is in the bedroom right above the gym next to the pool. Head upstairs and unlock Brock's safe to get a Superior-tier weapon