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How To Solve The Comms Array Puzzle In Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake revamped many of the game's features, including the original puzzles, like the Comms Array puzzle. Here's how to solve it!
How To Solve The Comms Array Puzzle In Dead Space Remake

EA Motive’s Dead Space Remake has arrived as players anticipate revisiting the USG Ishimura in this cult classic horror remake. While the developer made plenty of considerable changes, including the visuals, game difficulty, and new story missions, this also extends to many of the original game’s puzzles, including the Comms Array puzzle.

This puzzle, which can be found during Chapter 8: Search and Rescue, you’ll stumble on the Communications Control room, which houses a familiar puzzle and danger lurking inside. This guide details how you can solve the Comms Array puzzle and restore the power in Dead Space Remake.

How To Fix The Comms Array In Dead Space Remake?

The Comms Array puzzle is one of many puzzles that received a massive overall in Dead Space Remake, yet it doesn’t hold back on its difficulty. This puzzle resembles the one from the original game; however, it does include a few unique elements that still makes it more challenging to solve.

While in the 2008 game, it tasked you with aligning the satellite dishes in a circular layout which you’ll need to use to power the Array. The game’s remake increases the difficulty and puts a new twist on the puzzle component, which leaves many stuck.

Pay special attention to the screen display located in the middle of the Comms Control room to solve the revamped version of the Comms Array puzzle. You’ll enter a zero gravity room which you’ll need to eliminate necromorph enemies scattered throughout the room.

dead space remake puzzles guide comms array how to solve display screen solution
Look to the display screen in the Comms Control room to determine how to solve the puzzle. (Picture: YouTube / Guides Gamepressure)

Once all the enemies have been eliminated, you can look at the massive screen display, which should give you a clue to solving the puzzle. The layout provided onscreen is in a hexagon format which you’ll need to produce a power connection to the primary node using the satellites, and the screen tells you that the blue dishes are functional.

Additionally, looking around the room, you’ll find blue satellite panels with a particular pattern that will help you solve the puzzle. Follow the blue power lines, where you’ll find the orange-colored satellites blocking the power lines.

These orange-colored satellites can be removed using Kinesis to remove them before using Kinesis to remove the blue satellites and placing them where you removed the orange-colored satellites.

dead space remake puzzles guide comms array how to solve orange satelittes
Use Kinesis to remove the orange satellites and replace them with the blue satellites to solve the Comms Array puzzle. (Picture: YouTube / Guides Gamepressure)

As mentioned before, each blue satellite has a pattern that must be placed in its correct position for the power to flow directly to the primary node. There are five blue satellites to be positioned, and once done, the power will be restored to the Comms Array, and the puzzle will be solved.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Guides Gamepressure for their complete walkthrough on solving the Comms Array puzzle in Dead Space Remake. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.