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Dead Space Remake Countdown and Release Times

The Dead Space Remake is coming! But how long until it actually releases?
Dead Space Remake Countdown and Release Times

The Dead Space remake is coming soon, following closely on the heels of the recently released horror title The Callisto Protocol, which featured many ideas from the original Dead Space titles.

But when exactly is the Dead Space Remake releasing? You can find out with our Dead Space Remake Countdown Clock just below!

Dead Space Remake Countdown Clock

Dead Space Remake Release Date
1 days, 08:00:46

Interestingly, the game is releasing incredibly close to the fellow space-horror title, The Callisto Protocol, which was developed by Striking Distance Studios and published by Krafton. That game was directed by Glen Schofield, a name that will be very familiar to fans of Dead Space.

He helped to co-create the Dead Space franchise as a whole and decided to make a brand new space horror IP to rival his original vision.

With the upcoming launch of the Dead Space remake, it'll be an interesting battle between the pair of games to see which is more beloved by fans of the genre and which title wins the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide.

It could be that we see a competition brewing between the pair at next year's Game Awards, or it could be that one of the games is much more remembered than the other.


What Time Does The Dead Space Remake Release?

The Dead Space Remake is currently scheduled to release on January 27th, 2023. This is following multiple different delays from the studio to meet an expected quality standard and to hopefully release the game in the best possible form they can.

After all, the success of this game will influence what happens with the Dead Space IP going forward and will decide whether or not we get a remake of the following two Dead Space titles.

If you want a more specific release time, that will obviously depend on your region. Thankfully, EA has also released a handy infographic that shows the global launch times for the game.

Check out the launch times below.

  • 08:00 PST on 27 January (Los Angeles)
  • 10:00 CST on 27 January (Mexico City)
  • 11:00 EST on 27 January (New York)
  • 13:00 BST on 27 January (São Paulo)
  • 16:00 GMT on 27 January (London)
  • 17:00 CET on 27 January (Berlin)
  • 00:00 CST on 28 January (Beijing)
  • 00:00 HKT on 28 January (Hong Kong)
  • 01:00 JST on 28 January (Tokyo)
  • 03:00 AEDT on 28 January (Sydney)
Dead Space remake global launch times per region platforms pre-load file size how to pc ps5 xbox series x/s
Mark your calendars and set your alarms with the official global launch times for Dead Space in your region. (Picture: EA/Motive Studio)