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Dead Space Remake Gameplay Leaked Once Again

Days ahead of the anticipated release of Dead Space Remake, another gameplay leak has surfaced, showcasing two hours of intense footage.
Dead Space Remake Gameplay Leaked Once Again

EA Motive’s Dead Space Remake is on track to launch the revival of its 2008 horror survival game later this month. While the developers look to promise players a more haunting and profound immersive gameplay experience, they’ve also warned players from playing the game during the nighttime and with headphones.

On the back of the game’s recently leaked Trophy  & Achievement List, which points to the inclusion of new features and an alternate ending, it couldn’t prevent more leaks from occurring. One YouTuber had leaked over two hours of gameplay footage of the upcoming game revival, following which many fans pointed out some of the changes amidst the excitement for its release.

A French YouTuber, TheJSR67, had done a Livestream showcasing two hours of gameplay footage from the upcoming release, Dead Space Remake, on 21st January 2023. Those unfamiliar with the game won’t know which chapter is the focus of the gameplay, but this appears to be somewhere near the start of the game.

Like the previous gameplay leak, this latest video highlights the massive visuals overall, including enhanced textures and lighting invoking what made the game so revered. While it does provide a near 1:1 remake ratio of the opening moments of the game, players have pointed out some of the immediate changes made to the game.

The video, shared on the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit, saw mostly positive comments regarding the leaked footage. One commented that the puzzles in the first area are considerably “different” than the puzzles from the original game, but the similarities are “pretty close.”

In contrast, a few suggested that the puzzles may have had their difficulty brought down, likely to attract new players to the game. Nevertheless, one commenter made an interesting point that the changes to the game’s puzzles, areas, and events may be intentional “to throw off people who have mastered the game.”

dead space remake gameplay leaks leaked opening chapters puzzles areas changes
Players have already pointed out noticeable changes made to the game in the wake of another gameplay leak. (Picture: Electronic Arts / EA Motive)

Dead Space Remake is slated for release on 27th January 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Additionally, the developer has released details on the game’s PC requirements and New Game + mode.