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How To Unlock The Secret Ending In Dead Space Remake

EA Motive confirmed a secret ending is included in the Dead Space Remake. Here's how to unlock it!
How To Unlock The Secret Ending In Dead Space Remake

The upcoming remake of Dead Space has done a spectacular job of reimaging the game by retaining what made it so popular, expanding on it through advanced technology, and adding new game content. Looking to attract new and old players alike, the Dead Space Remake will still give players a unique gameplay experience as they explore the mysteries of the USG Ishimura.

The game’s official Twitter account recently responded to a fan question concerning the Dead Space Remake’s New Game + (NG+) and what it offers. Followingly, they revealed the addition of something that’s not part of the original game: a secret ending! We’ve detailed how to unlock the secret ending and what it rewards you within Dead Space Remake.

How To Get Secret Ending In Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake will see some noticeable changes to the game, including more quests, revisions to game mechanics, and new next-gen features, aside from the enhanced visuals. While the developer has gone on record to state that the game has been rebuilt from its foundation, they also added a New Game + (NG+) mode, previously not included with the original version.

dead space remake game guide secret alternate ending new game plus ng+ mode
Players can unlock the NG+ by completing the game to access the game's secret ending. (Picture: Electronic Arts / EA Motive)

The game’s official Twitter account responded to a fan question on whether it will have this mode, which confirms this but also mentioned what’s included. Players who’ve completed the game can unlock the NG+ mode to obtain a Level 6 Advanced Suit, new Phantom Variant Necromorphs, and a Secret Ending.

While we’ve previously reported that the game’s Achievements and Trophy List has an Achievement/Trophy connected to this Secret Ending, many were unsure how to get it. However, it does look like you need to complete the game on any difficulty first to unlock the NG+ mode, and based on the Reunion Achievement/Trophy, you must complete the game once again.

This can be done on any difficulty, per the Achievement/Trophy requirement, and once you’ve completed the game, it will trigger the alternate ending. We’re not sure what the details of this secret ending are, but it unlocks the Reunion Achievement/Trophy, allowing you to watch “the alternative ending on any difficulty mode.”