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Is Dead Space Remake Worth Buying? The Reviews Are In!

Here we will go over whether the Dead Space Remake is worth buying based on the reviews that were recently released.
Is Dead Space Remake Worth Buying? The Reviews Are In!

After nearly a decade since Dead Space 3 was released around the world, EA is returning to the series with the release of Dead Space Remake. As you might have guessed, the Dead Space Remake is a retelling of the original Dead Space story, but it has been rebuilt from the ground up on the latest version of the Frostbite Engine.

Fans are excited to play and beat the Dead Space Remake, but should they be excited to play the game? As of this writing, the reviews for the Dead Space Remake are out, and we can now take a look at them to understand if it is worth buying the Dead Space Remake or not.

Is Dead Space Remake Worth Playing? The Reviews Are In!

Dead Space Remake Review Round Up
Dead Space Remake was completely rebuilt from the ground up. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

Dead Space Remake features Isaac Clarke, the original protagonist from the original game. Isaac is an engineer who is on a mission to find his missing girlfriend. When he arrives at the ship where she is supposed, he finds that the ship is horribly overrun by vicious creatures known as Necromorphs.

This is the main plot of the Dead Space Remake and the original Dead Space game. When it comes to remakes or remasters, players are often concerned if the developers will do the game justice, especially to a game as beloved as Dead Space. So the standard is, does Motive Studio do the Dead Space series justice? Or do they drop the ball on the remake?

From what the reviews are saying, it seems like Motive Studio knocked it out of the park. From what we have seen, there are a couple of key points on why the Dead Space Remake is good. The first is that the overall plotline is basically the same as before. The key difference now, though, is Isaac is actually speaking, giving the story much more meaning which enhances the story much more.

Dead Space Remake Review Round Up
Reviewers were very impressed with the Dead Space Remake. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

On top of that, the environments, character models, lighting, and more have been completely rebuilt from the ground up. Motive Studio gave the environment of the Dead Space Remake the care and love it deserved. On top of that, they added 3D audio to make the game much more immersive for players. The animations were completely redone to look more realistic, which is horrifying with how brutal the deaths are in the game.

To put it simply, the Dead Space Remake has improved upon the original Dead Space game in almost every single way. Reviewers are claiming that if you want to experience Dead Space at all, the Dead Space Remake is the way to go.

We think it is worth buying the Dead Space Remake. Whether you are playing Dead Space for the first time or you are a veteran in the series, the Dead Space Remake will have something new for you to enjoy. Reviewers are saying this is one of the best horror games they have played in a while, so it is definitely worth checking out.

IGN (9/10)

"With its stunningly redesigned spaceship, smartly and subtly enhanced story, and spectacularly reimagined action scenes, Motive Studio has managed to successfully breathe new life into the seminal sci-fi horror universe of Dead Space. Despite the fact I’ve returned to the 2008 original several times over the years and found it to hold up fairly well, my latest journey through the darkened hallways of the USG Ishimura still managed to consistently surprise me and pull me into Isaac’s plight far more than ever before, while still satisfying my desire to butcher undead astronauts with an enjoyable arsenal of wildly unsafe mining tools. It’s clear that this superb Dead Space remake has been a labour of love for the team at Motive Studios, who’ve very carefully balanced innovation and renovation with preservation, and to their credit the end result is undoubtedly the definitive way to experience – or re-experience – one of the best survival horror shooters that Capcom never made."

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VG247 (10/10)
"Dead Space doesn’t just place you into the role of Isaac Clarke, it forces you into his head, too. You’re constantly questioning if the apparitions he is seeing are real, and his physical reaction to the unbelievable events aboard the space ship only fuel yours further. You are completely at the whim of the USG Ishimura, and it never lets you forget that. Ultimately, Dead Space is a game that a lot of horror developers can learn from when it comes to creating suspense and a feeling of dread in its players.

And as far as remakes go, Dead Space has me thoroughly pining over a decade-old series. That’s a success, if you ask me."

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Gamespot (9/10)
"It's impossible to expect the Dead Space remake to be as transformative as something like the Resident Evil 2 remake was. The generational leap isn't as grand and so much about it feels inherently familiar to the 2008 original, such is the way EA Motive has weaved its changes into the Dead Space mold. The new side quests might leave a lot to be desired, but every other addition contributes to a remake that stays true to its progenitor while also improving upon it in a number of ways. Newcomers and hardcore Dead Space fans will get the most out of the experience, but this is now the quintessential way to play one of the survival horror genre's best."


Gamesradar (9/10)

"Again, it feels like we're well-served for horror game remakes at the moment, but Motive Studio's Dead Space is a horror remake done right. It really is a sublime mix of fresh and familiar, and it's freaking terrifying in its loud and quieter moments. Its reworked visuals and stunning dynamic lighting totally transform certain areas, while the remake's new dismemberment animations mean hacking off enemy limbs with the Plasma Cutter, uncovering bone and muscle tissue as you do, is now gorier than ever. I know this first hand, because I was too scared to run."

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Game Informer (9/10)
"Rather than reinvent the wheel, Motive made Dead Space look nicer, play better, and preserved the core of the experience. Its new flourishes add to that enjoyment instead of subtracting. This remake respects and polishes up my memories of Isaac’s first encounter with the necromorphs without making me miss the original version. It also acts as the perfect entry point for newcomers since it feels on par with today’s titles. I hope this exceptional revision signals to EA that Dead Space has plenty of gas in the tank and becomes a harbinger for more horrifying stories in this universe. "