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What Does Fakirhane Mean In Demonologist?

What does Fakirhane mean in Demonologist? Here's your explanation.
What Does Fakirhane Mean In Demonologist?
The mysterious word Fakirhane appears in players' safehouses. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

There are countless secrets in Demonologist, with players finding new ones almost every day. One of the secrets players have already found, and discussed in length, is the writing in the Old House safehouse that says "Fakirhane." It's hard not to notice this word on the wall, and many players won't know what it means.

So what does "Fakirhane" mean in Demonologist? Is it a ghostly message for players to decode, does it tell us something about the game's lore, or is it something less nefarious? Let's take a look at what developers meant by this little Easter egg.

What Does Fakirhane Mean In Demonologist?

demonologist fakirhine
Players' safehouses, where the Easter egg is found, are where you live and keep pets. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

There are several online translations for "Fakirhane" online; "Fakirhane" is Turkish for "wretched little house," "poor home," or, to put it a little more nicely, "humble home." It's likely a playful jab at the fact that the Old House, where the message is found, is the game's most basic safehouse, requiring no money to buy.

As players level up and purchase new safehouses, they'll no longer see the word "Fakirhane" in their safehouse, though there are other Easter eggs throughout other safehouses and maps.

While the "Fakirhane" Easter egg has definitely raised some eyebrows from curious players, it doesn't seem to have a super complex explanation; instead, it's just developers adding a little touch of personality to the game.

But why the Turkish word, you might wonder? Well, Demonologist's developers, Clock Wizard Games, hail from Istanbul, Turkey - so it makes sense that they'd take the opportunity to sneak a little bit of Turkish into the game!

While many of Demonologist's Easter eggs allow players to interact with them to see a unique scene or find something special, the "Fakirhane" Easter egg isn't interactable; it's just a fun little joke developers threw in while making the game for players to enjoy. If you're looking for Easter eggs that allow you to interact with them, you might want to check out Demonologist's Dream Room or Maria Room. To enter these sealed-off Demonologist areas, players need to complete a number of highly specific steps and cross the ghost's path.