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Demonologist: How To Access Maria's Room

Here's how to enter the mysterious Maria's room in Demonologist.
Demonologist: How To Access Maria's Room
Maria's Room requires some extra steps to enter. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

There are a ton of secrets in Demonologist, and one of them is known as Maria's Room on the Cyclone Street map. To enter it, players think they will need to follow a specific set of steps based on the riddle that Bloody Mary will leave for them. Based on the riddle near the room, players can have an interaction with the infamous Bloody Mary. 

If you're curious about how to check out this secret for yourself, here's all we know about Maria's Room in Demologist and how to enter it. 

How To Enter Maria's Room In Demonologist 

maria room demonologist
Players have yet to find a way to enter the Maria Room. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

Currently, it's unknown how to enter Maria's Room, and players in the Demonologist community are still trying to figure this out, as it's a relatively new game. However, the Bloody Mary riddle associated with the room still has a pretty interesting interaction that players can trigger, which may lead to bigger answers about what the room might contain. 

Bloody Mary Clues

  1. “I keep staring at walls, losing track of Time. A descent into Madness, words start becoming untrue. A crimson-soaked blade, the blood of the heart is due.”
  2. “A dream of the dead consumes me, haunting my every thought. The abuse lies within, or so I was taught.”
  3. “Love’s door remains locked, as the clock strikes three. My wrath contained within, waiting for the key.”
  4. “This world I inhabit, where the line of madness is blurred, can only be solved in particular steps and words.”
  5. “I scream into the void, hoping my voice will carry. For if I don’t speak my truth, they’ll come for me… Mary.”
  6. “It’s all in my head. It’s all in my head. It’s all in my head.”

How To Interact With Maria's Room Riddle

While you can't enter Maria's Room using these steps, you'll be able to interact with the room's ghost. 

  1. "I keep staring at walls. . ." - First, you'll need to find the door to Maria's room and stare at it until something happens. 
  2. "A crimson-soaked blade, the blood of the heart" - This part of the riddle refers to the Fireplace, where you'll go next and find the word 'Smile.' Say it aloud, ensuring your voice chat is working.  
  3. "A dream of the dead consumes me…." - The "dream" part of this riddle hints to you that you'll need to go to the bedroom next. From there, head to the closet and open it up to find the word 'lust.' Like 'Smile,' say it aloud. 
  4. "As the clock strikes three"- Use the Ectoplasm Glass to find a message on the walls of the room that reads '3 am.' As the riddle implies, this time is important. Find three nearby clocks, and set them to 3 am. 
  5. "I scream into the void" - This one isn't quite as obvious as the others. You'll need to go back to the basement and find the bookshelf, where there's a book with the word 'Limbo." Say it aloud.
  6. Go to the corridor. Now, say "They'll come for me." 
  7. "Mary... it's all in my head."- Head up the stairs all the way to the top floor, and enter the bathroom. This is the Bloody Mary mirror. In front of it, say "Bloody Mary" three times. You'll know you've succeeded when blood covers the mirror. 

That's all you'll need to know to enter Maria's Room and interact with the ghastly ghost that resides here.