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Demonologist: How To Survive A Hunt

Here's how to survive a ghost's hunt in Demonologist.
Demonologist: How To Survive A Hunt
Hunts can kill the player in Demonologist, much like in Kinetic Games' Phasmophobia. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

While many ghosts in Demonologist are fairly docile, others are highly aggressive; no matter their personality, all ghosts are capable of instigating a hunt under the right circumstances. Hunts can be extremely dangerous for players, often killing them almost in an instant. Thankfully, there are ways to survive ghosts' hunts in Demonologist. 

Let's discuss how to survive hunts in Demonologist, so you can make it out alive even when the ghost is set on killing you. 

How To Survive A Hunt In Demonologist

demonologist hunt
Players can die during a hunt if they don't take immediate action. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

To survive a hunt, you'll first have to know how to determine that one is happening. When a ghost initiates a hunt, all of the doors to the location will lock, trapping you inside. Once you notice that this occurs, you'll want to take action immediately. 

You won't be able to run from the ghost during a hunt. Instead, you'll have to hide. In contrast to the old saying, in Demonologist, you can't run, but you can hide... (Looping the ghost may work, but only for a short time.)

The only way to avoid needing to find a hiding spot is to use a Crucifix before the hunt begins, warding off the ghost and preventing it from finding you and hunting you. 

Demonologist Hiding Spots

Each map has its own best hiding spots, given that each one has a unique layout. Here are the best hiding spots in all Demonologist maps. There are other hiding spots that players can find scattered throughout each map, too and new ones that players find each day, so it's worth trying out any locations that seem like they might give you enough cover from the ghost. 

Demonologist Map Hiding Spots
Abandoned House Bathrooms; otherwise, you can loop the ghost in some areas near the front of the house
Cyclone Street  The basement, and in any closets
Hospital  Bathrooms, behind the reception desk
Kurosawa House In any closets

That's it for how to survive a hunt in Demonologist. While you might have some luck looping the ghost, your best bet, once you find out a hunt is happening, is to find a hiding spot near your location. This will prevent the ghost from finding you and killing you. Alternatively, you could try using a Crucifix to prevent a hunt from happening altogether.