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How To Use The Thermometer In Demonologist

The Thermometer is one of many tools in Demonologist that players can purchase. Here's how to use it to hunt ghosts.
How To Use The Thermometer In Demonologist
Clock Wizard Games

Much like Phasmophobia, Demonologist offers players a range of tools to detect and speak with spectral entities. For instance, the ESG provides a means of discovering ghostly presences, while the Spirit Box allows direct communication with apparitions. Additionally, more familiar tools, such as the Thermometer, are available.

In Demonologist, the Thermometer's main function is to measure room temperature. This information can often provide valuable insights into paranormal activities, making the Thermometer an essential addition to your toolkit.

With this in mind, let's delve into how to use the Thermometer in Demonologist, including details on how to get it, its cost, and optimal strategies for identifying and locating the ghost across various in-game maps.

How To Use The Thermometer In Demonologist

thermomter demonologist
Freezing Temperatures are evidence for some ghosts. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

In Demonologist, a Thermometer costs $1,200 and can be purchased at the safe house. After buying it, you'll need to bring it into the game to make use of it. To use the Thermometer, hold it out to identify the precise room temperature on any map. If you need to switch between items without this tool, use your mouse scroll-wheel.

Before acquiring a Thermometer in Demonologist, you can tell if a room is freezing by observing your breath. However, the Thermometer provides exact temperature readings, making it a beneficial tool. Some ghosts provide Freezing Temperatures as evidence, which can be confirmed using the Thermometer.

The Thermometer is useful in locating ghosts and their evidence, though Freezing Temperatures can also be identified without this tool. Ultimately, however, the decision to purchase this tool is subjective, as while it facilitates tasks, it isn't essential like the Flashlight or Sanity Pills.

That's how to get the Thermometer in Demonologist, how much it costs, and how to best use it. Using the Thermometer effectively when hunting for the ghost on any of Demonologist's maps is a great way to get more information about the ghost and locate them.