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Clan Elysium claim victory in Vault of Glass World's First raid race

Elysium was the first fireteam to complete the VoG Challenge Mode, earning a deserved victory in the process.
Clan Elysium claim victory in Vault of Glass World's First raid race

It was a completely different experience than what Destiny 2 fans usually get from a World's First raid race, however, it maintained the excitement of those as Clan Elysium conquered the revamped Vault of Glass raid.

Unlike regular raid races, fireteams had to go through the activity two times, one with Contest Mode active, which made every encounter more difficult, and a second one after unlocking Challenge Mode, which forced squads to complete a set of specific trials on each encounter.

Saltagreppa and Elysium win Vault of Glass raid race

It wasn't an easy feat, taking a little more than four hours, but Elysium took home the gold, or rather silver, as the version of the belt awarded both honours the winners of 2021's VoG raid race and pays homages to the original fireteam that completed it in 2014.

destiny 2 raid race belt

Like many, Elysium struggled with Atheon's Challenges, as the final raid boss had several to complete in order to finish the encounter successfully.

One of these challenges required that for each set of oracles that spawn in Venus/Mars, players teleported could only destroy one oracle in that set.

If it's confusing to read, imagine the level of coordination and execution needed to complete before anyone else. As such, the moment Elysium managed to overcome such convoluted hurdles the joyful shouts of excitement and celebration soon followed.

All we have to say is congratulations to Saltagreppo and the rest of Clan Elysium for conquering the returning Vault of Glass before anyone else.


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