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How to Get and Use Deepsight Harmonizers in Destiny 2

Season of the Deep introduced Deepsight Harmonizer to Destiny 2, a new rare currency that lets you craft and customize Red Border weapons.
How to Get and Use Deepsight Harmonizers in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 players who want to craft the best weapons possible should pay attention to Deepsight Harmonizer, a new material that was introduced in Season of the Deep. This exotic-grade currency can transform any normal weapon into a Deepsight Weapon or a Red Border, which can then be customized with your preferred perks and stats. Here's a detailed breakdown of how to get and use Deepsight Harmonizer in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Targeted Redaction
The Deepsight Harmonizer is a new currency for acquiring Red Border weapons. (Picture: Eternal YouTube)

What is Deepsight Harmonizer?

Deepsight Harmonizer is a material that allows you to activate Deepsight on any weapon that has a new Mod slot. Deepsight is a feature that lets you extract patterns from specific weapons that you want to craft.

Deepsight Weapons, or Red Borders, are different from normal weapons in several ways. First, they have a red border around their icon, indicating that they are craftable and customizable. Second, they have a new frame option that lets you choose which stat receives the Masterwork bonus. Third, they have a new perk pool that includes some of the best perks in the game, such as Frenzy, One for All, and Thresh.

How to Get and Use Deepsight Harmonizer in Destiny 2?

The only way to get Deepsight Harmonizer in Destiny 2 is through the Season Pass. You can get six Deepsight Harmonizers in total during Season of the Deep, three on the free track and three on the paid track. The ranks where you can get them are 47, 57, 62, 77, 84, and 93. However, it's worth noting that the Season Pass won’t let you claim another Deepsight Harmonizer if you already have one in your inventory, so use it first before getting a new one.

Deepsight Harmonizer can be obtained through current Season Pass
Deepsight Harmonizer can be obtained through the current Season Pass. (Picture: Bungie/ Esoterickk YouTube)

To use Deepsight Harmonizer, you need to select it in the Mod slot of the weapon you want to convert into a Red Border. This will consume the Deepsight Harmonizer and turn the weapon into a craftable and customizable one. You can then extract the pattern progress from any other weapon of the same type by hovering over it and pressing X (on Xbox) or Square (on PlayStation). This will transfer the perks and stats of that weapon to your Red Border weapon.

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