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Destiny 2 could get surprise Halo weapons

Destiny 2 could get surprise Halo weapons

With Bungie's 30th Anniversary celebration coming on 7th December to Destiny 2, serving as a mid-season update to Season of the Lost amid delays to The Witch Queen which was initially set to launch before the end of 2021, fans haven't lost hope of seeing a Halo crossover. 

Despite Bungie mentioning the update, which will include a dungeon for owners of the premium pack as well as a free six-man activity, is set to feature cosmetics from previous titles such as Myth and Marathon, the absence of so much as a nod to perhaps their biggest contribution to the gaming world was notorious during the reveal stream. 

A few eagle-eyed fans may have spotted Bungie's little surprise for the 30th Anniversary update, and while it might not be a fully-fledged crossover, is something Halo fans should be on the lookout. 

Are Halo weapons coming to Destiny 2?

Users that went through the recently updated Destiny 2 30th Anniversary pack Steam page noticed something familiar with one of the promotional stills. 

Destiny 2 halo weapons
Can you spot it? (Picture: Bungie)

For those of you who can't see it, a Reddit user compared two of the guns a couple of Guardians are featuring to Halo weaponry. One looks eerily similar to the Battle Rifle, meanwhile the other resembles the Covenant Focus Rifle. 

halo new weapons
Will these be brand-new weapons or ornaments? (Picture: Bungie)

This is mere speculation, but with how well this has been kept under wraps and the fact that Bungie decided to not make it the focal point of their campaign leading to the 30th Anniversary, it seems the developers merely found a way to create ornaments to pay homage to the Halo franchise.

With Bungie pulling all their expansions from Game Pass just a year after they decided to debut Beyond Light on the service day 1, it seems the relationship between them and Microsoft might not be as friendly as fans thought.

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Featured image courtesy of Bungie/Microsoft.

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