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Destiny 2
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Destiny 2: How to complete The Bells triumph

Here's a complete guide to complete The Bells, a triumph in Destiny 2 Season of the Lost.
Bungie's shared-world shooter, Destiny 2, continues to be a popular and successful live-service title even after four years since it launched. Things continue to seem bright for Destiny 2 as its ongoing Season of the Lost continues to build momentum for the highly anticipated The Witch Queen expansion.

Like every Destiny 2 Season, Season of the Lost offers a plethora of triumphs for players to pursue. Every week, players venture into one of the three shattered realm locations - Forest of Echoes, Debris of Dreams and Ruins of Wrath - to find lost Techeun for Queen Mara Sov. Each of these locations offers secrets in the form of optional triumphs that players can complete for extra rewards. One such triumph in the Forest of Echoes is called The Bells. Here's a step by step guide for completing it.

How to Complete The Bells Triumph in Destiny 2

How to Complete The Bells Triumph in Destiny 2
The beacon must be aligned before invoking the artifact’s abilities. (Image: Bungie)

To complete The Bells Triumph in Destiny 2, players have to unlock the True Sight and the Barrier Breach abilities in the seasonal artifact, Wayfinder's Compass. Now, after entering the forest of echoes, players need to make their way towards the church called The Abbey of Whispers. It is a straight path from the initial area players' respawn, so it shouldn't be hard to miss. Furthermore, The Abbey of Whispers is the place where players have to align the first beacon. Without aligning the first beacon, players' cannot invoke the True Sight and Barrier Breach in the area.

How to Complete The Bells Triumph in Destiny 2
The barrier breach is right above the beacon. (Image: Bungie)

Once the beacon is aligned, players need to invoke the True Sight and Barrier Breach in the far end corner of the church. The barrier is right above the beacon, on the opposite end of where players will find the True Sight and Barrier Breach and, as such, needs to hurry back and jump up the temporary surfaces that appear to breach the barrier in time. 

How to Complete The Bells Triumph in Destiny 2
Invoke the true sight to reach the final area. ( Image: Bungie)

Here, players need to invoke another True Sight that will take them up and beyond the church to an area with a chest. Looting it will complete The Bells triumph.


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Featured image courtesy of Bungie