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Destiny 2: How to win 2021 Fashion Emblem

Guardians who look stylish while defending humanity can receive an exclusive emblem thanks to Bungie. Here's how to enter.
Destiny 2: How to win 2021 Fashion Emblem

Destiny 2 is as much about looking cool as it is about grinding for the best gear and weapons, so with the addition of the highly-anticipated transmog system, called Armor Synthesis in Bungie's looter shooter, the devs are looking to reward the most fashionable Guardians.

To celebrate such an occasion, the Fashion Emblem is making a return for the most dedicated of players to obtain. While anyone can participate in the social media giveaway, only a select few will be granted the exclusive emblem.

Here's everything you need to know about Destiny 2 2021's Fashion Emblem competition.

Destiny 2 - How to enter Fashion Emblem giveaway

destiny 2 Emblem_Fashion
(Picture: Bungie)

As we've said, any Destiny 2 player can enter this competition, which revolves around fashion entirely, meaning your high Power level won't impress anyone here, only your shader selection and a keen eye for fashion will.

Simply follow these steps:

  • Wear your most fashionable combination of gear. Check out our Armor Synthesis guide if you want to give that a try.
  • Take a picture of your Guardian on the customization screen (seen below).
  • Additionally, take a picture of your Guardian in action for extra points.
  • Share the photo on Twitter with the hashtag #SplicerFashionShow.
  • If you win, a member of the Bungie team will contact you!

fashion emblem destiny 2
(Picture: Bungie)

Bungie will be selecting winners from the 7th of June all the way up to the 12th, so you still got time to participate.