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Destiny 2: Kamacite Coffer guide

Kamacite Coffer is another triumph in Destiny 2 Season of the Lost
Destiny 2: Kamacite Coffer guide

Bungie’s shared-world shooter, Destiny 2, enters its seventh week of the ongoing Season of the Lost. The current season of Destiny 2 offers plenty of mysteries and secrets for players to unravel, which should keep them busy until the highly anticipated expansion The Witch Queen arrives early next year. As with every week, players can unlock new abilities for this season’s artificat, Wayfinder's Compass, which are essential for completing certain challenges and triumphs.

One of the many mysterious triumphs that players can undertake in the shattered realm mission is called Kamacite Coffer. Like most Season of the Lost triumphs, in Kamacite Coffer, players have to solve a trivial mystery though this one, in particular, is easy to miss. With that said, here's a step by step process of completing the Kamacite Coffer triumph in Destiny 2.

How to complete Kamacite Coffer in Destiny 2

To complete the Kamacite Coffer triumph, players will need to find and loot a chest. However, unlike the chest in Impactor Cache triumph, this one is well hidden. To get to it, players first need to unlock the Barrier Breach ability in the Wayfinder's Compass.

Destiny 2 karmacite coffer guide
Turn left to find a cave down below. (Picture: Bungie)

After unlocking the Barrier Breach ability and aligning the first two beacons in the shattered realm, players need to head towards the area with a glowing tower and an enemy called Soulfire Exarch. Killing it would trigger the Light the Way triumph if not yet completed. From here on, players need to head towards the giant ribcage like structure, beyond which lies another glowing structure. After heading in this direction, players will notice a cave down below. Simply jump or hover towards the cave and invoke the barrier breach.

Destiny 2 barrier breach
Invoke Barrier Breach to find the chest. (Picture: Bungie)

From here it is simple. Players will notice the chest as soon as they breach the barrier. Loot it to finish the Kamacite Coffer Triumph. Alternatively, players can also use the uphill pathway opposite to the ribcage like structure and traverse the cave from that direction, ultimately arriving at the bottom of the cave to find the barrier, beneath which lies the chest needed to finish Kamacite Coffer Triumph.

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Featured Image Courtesy of Bungie