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Destiny 2 - Where to find Calus Bobblehead in Sever Reconciliation

Here's the location to find the new Calus Bobblehead that arrived in Destiny 2 with the latest weekly reset.
Destiny 2 - Where to find Calus Bobblehead in Sever Reconciliation

The second week of Season of the Haunted in Destiny 2 continues the Sever weekly mission storyline, and of course, brings yet another Calus Bobblehead to the game.

These little collectables have been spread out across the entire derelict Leviathan as small easter eggs. More importantly, they are required to earn the #1 Fan Triumph, which in turn is needed for the Haunted Seal.

The latest Calus Bobblehead shows up in the Sever Reconciliation mission. So if you want to continue increasing your collection of mini-Calus', read down below to know where to find it. One thing worth mentioning is that the Sever missions are only for season pass holders, so if you don't see it in your directory, that's probably the reason.

Sever Reconciliation Calus Bobblehead location

destiny 2 calus bobblehead
You'll need to follow a specific route to get to the Bobblehead faster. (Picture: Bungie)

If you've been collecting all Bobbleheads, this should be your fifth one. Finding it is pretty easy. Once you load into the first area, which is the same as the first Sever mission, you'll have to place the Ritual Amplifier in the same area as the first one.

This will let you open the room with the small electrical currents you need to shoot in order to get into the small vent-like corridor pictured down below.

Any route will do but if you want to come out of the vent that's right beside the Calus Bobblehead you'll have to take the following path:

  • Turn right
  • Turn left
  • Turn right two times
  • Turn left

Once you exit these corridors turn right and enter the following vent. It's a complete dead end but you'll see the Calus Bobblehead waiting to be collected. 

calus bobblehead
The Calus Bobblehead in Sever Reconciliation. (Picture: Bungie)

And there you have it! As more weeks come around, more Calus Bobbleheads will come online, waiting for you to retrieve them. If you've been postponing this task to get the Haunted Seal, don't worry just yet, as Season of the Haunted is set to run until 23rd August, giving you months to try and earn all of the Calus Bobbleheads.

Expect more mini-Calus' to become available as more Sever missions continue the seasonal storyline in the coming weeks.

If you want a more visual guide for the Sever Reconciliation Calus Bobblehead location, we recommend you watch the YouTube tutorial made by MattyIce Gaming down below.

For more on all things Season of the Haunted, check out our section dedicated to Destiny 2 gun breakdowns, activity guides, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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