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Why is the Suppressing Glaive mod not working in Destiny 2?

Bungie disabled the Suppressing Glaive mod in Destiny 2 pending investigations, causing confusion and frustration amongst its player base.
Why is the Suppressing Glaive mod not working in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2's latest expansion, The Witch Queen, is available as developer Bungie had outlined several fixes that have been resolved. However, one significant issue has surfaced in the wake of the recent update surrounding the Suppressing Glaive Artifact mod.

Due to an outpour of concerns online, the developer announced that it will temporarily disable the mod across all activities until further notice. Followingly, the announcement has seen a flood of comments from players expressing frustration and confusion over the decision to disable the mod.

Destiny 2 devs disable  Suppressing Glaive Artifact mod

In a tweet posted by the Bungie Help team on 4th March 2022, the developer announced that it had disabled the Suppressing Glaive Artifact Mod. Notably, the decision affects all game activities and will remain until the team has identified the problem.

destiny 2 the witch queen suppressing glaive artfiact mod not working
Bungie said it disabled the Suppressing Glaive Artifact mod from all in-game activities. (Picture: Reddit / RyanFiregem)

A Bungie community manager clarified some of the confusion in the Destiny 2 subreddit regarding why the Suppressing Glaive was disabled "game-wide" and not for Raids. Accordingly, they informed the Destiny 2 community that the team would need more time to investigate, as the issue is "a bit deep".

"This is disabled game wide as we did not have [the] tooling to disable specifically in the Raid. Right now, we're able to directly target activities where Armors or Weapons are causing problems. Mods have a different backend setup, so our current tooling cannot restrict them in a specific activity."

Although players are confused about why the developers didn't clarify this in the original tweet, others thanked the community manager for their transparency. Nevertheless, one player has suggested how the developer could've handled the situation better.

"This does beg the question of why not just disable Glaives from the Raid to create the most minimal impact possible on the rest of the game? Unless there are parts of the Raid that require a Glaive, it's probably not making it into most World's First loadouts without Suppressing Glaive, so if the end result for the Raid is the same by disabling either one, but only one can be disabled for just the Raid the choice seems obvious to me," Reddit user HatredInfinite wrote.

destiny 2 the witch queen suppressing glaive artfiact mod enable timeline
Many Destiny 2 players wonder when Bungie will enable the Suppressing Glaive mod. (Picture: Bungie)

Bungie has yet to confirm when it will enable the mod as one Reddit user asked, "Why don't you clear up the confusion on when it's returning?" However, some players on the Destiny 2 subreddit note that it could be re-enabled "after the Raid race period."

Since their announcement, there have been no updates, news, or developments on the issue, so we can assume Bungie is still investigating the matter.

However, we will continue to follow this story and provide the latest news and updates on this ongoing issue once they've become available.


Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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