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Destiny 2: The Dark Ritual guide

The Dark Ritual is a triumph in Destiny 2 Season of the Lost.
Destiny 2: The Dark Ritual guide

Destiny 2 fans have plenty to look forward to this week as the ongoing Season of the Lost adds more missions and challenges to complete, as well as more lore and secrets to uncover. In this week's shattered realm mission, players venture into the Forest of Echoes which is brimming with optional challenges for players to complete.

One such optional challenge includes a triumph called The Dark Ritual. According to it, players have to investigate hive activity near the Abbey of Whispers. It's easy to miss where exactly this hive activity takes place, and as such, here's a step by step process of finding the exact location and completing the Dark Ritual triumph in Destiny 2.

How to complete the Dark Ritual Triumph in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Dark ritual triumph
Players can complete The Dark Ritual triumph in the forest of echoes location of the shattered realm. (Picture: Bungie)

For starters, players need to unlock the True Sight ability in this season's artifact, Wayfinder's Compass, in the H.E.L.M. Returning players must have already unlocked it so the next step is entering the forest of echoes and aligning the first beacon in the church called Abbey of Whispers.

Destiny 2 Dark Ritual triumph
Pick up the relic from the foot of the statue. (Picture: Bungie)

After defeating all the enemies and aligning the first beacon, players need to exit the church and turn left where they will have to invoke a true sight, beyond which lies a techeun statue. Expect reinforcement, in particular - wizards, which shouldn't be hard to take down. Once those are taken care of, players need to grab the relic at the foot of the techeun statue. Players have to deposit the relic in an area called The Crypt, finding which can be a bit tricky.

Destiny 2 Dark Ritual
Jump/hover from the second last platform to reach the destination. (Picture: Bungie)

There are two ways to reach the crypt. The easiest way is to invoke the nearest true sight and traverse the path back to the church. Players should notice another true sight lying beneath the surface of the church. Reaching there can be tricky, and it could take more than one attempt to reach.  Nevertheless, jumping or hovering from the second last platform should get players to the required area.

Destiny 2
Invoke Barrier Breach to enter the crypt. (Picture: Bungie)

Here, players will notice two pathways. On the left, there is a barrier breach, invoking which will take players to the crypt. Expect a couple of enemies, including a boss called Apocalyptic Blade, beyond which lies the statue for depositing the relic.

Destiny 23
Collect the loot to complete the triumph. (Picture: Bungie)

From here on, it is simple. Depositing the relic will trigger a dialogue from Queen Mara Sov, and looting the chest next to it will complete the Dark Ritual triumph. 


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Featured courtesy of Bungie.

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