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Destiny 2 Tower not working - How to fix

Players are experiencing massive load times while trying to head to Destiny 2's social hub, here's how to fix the Tower not working error.
Destiny 2 Tower not working - How to fix

With the start of Season of the Haunted, Destiny 2 players are grinding all the new content Bungie has introduced, including the Leviathan returning, new Solar 3.0, and more.

As it's often the case, some bugs and glitches have crept into the game. Unlike previous seasons, Season of the Haunted didn't launch with any game-breaking ones, but some rather annoying ones, including not being able to load into The Tower.

The Tower is Destiny 2's main social hub. Players can acquire bounties from different vendors and purchase multiple things including guns, mods, and more. Not being able to access it is certainly a massive hassle.

Destiny 2 Tower black screen - How to fix

destiny 2 tower
Maybe it's time for Destiny 1 Tower to come back. (Picture: Bungie)

Since the Season of the Haunted, players have continuously reported that trying to load into The Tower has been near impossible. The game goes into a black screen that never ends for some, other users mention that the game straight up crashes for them.

"Is Destiny 2 absolutely broken for anyone else? I load into the tower to sounds & a black screen & I load into strikes with no objectives with my Ghost giving no direction. It's very frustrating," Twitter user Mike Dante reported over 24 hours after the release of Season of the Haunted.

The Bungie Help Twitter account, which reports known issues and bugs currently in the game, has hey to acknowledge the issues players have while loading into The Tower. It has, however, confirmed a secondary bug is currently inside the shooter's social hub, as players can be booted out by interacting with the gunsmith Banshe-44.

bungie help
Bungie has not mentioned any issues with The Tower loading. (Picture: Bungie)

Some fixes players have found that partially load The Tower is to open the destinations tab once again and load it again. This will cause The Tower to show up without any of the NPCs, you'll still be able to interact with them, only their bodies won't show up on the hub or vendor screens.

It'll remain to be seen if the issue will be solved with an upcoming hotfix. Bungie is usually swift when it comes to addressing issues that are causing problems to the player base. In the meantime, all we can do is sit tight and wait until Destiny 2's Tower gets fixed, or not.

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Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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