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Destiny 2 - Where To Find Chests And Use Opulent Keys

To get Opulent weapons Destiny 2 players will have to jump through some hoops aboard the Leviathan and find chests.
Destiny 2 - Where To Find Chests And Use Opulent Keys

The latest Destiny 2 chapter is here with the start of Season of the Haunted, bringing a new patrol area, the Leviathan ship, new weapons to chase, and more changes to subclasses with the debut of Solar 3.0.

With Emperor Calus' ship returning to the game as a patrol zone and the new Nightmare Containment activity held within its walls, players are earning Opulent Keys to earn some sweet Menagerie loot. 

The chests are not so easy to find the first time around, being scattered around the Leviathan. Opulent Keys grant a clue about their whereabouts. If you want to skip that annoying step and are looking to get to the chests fast enough, we'll tell you their exact locations. 

Destiny 2 Opulent Key clues

There are a total of six chests thus far, three located in the Pleasure Gardens and three in the Royal Pools. If you don't know how to get to these locations, check out our dedicated guide.

Let's start with the Pleasure Gardens chests. We'll use the main entrance to the Gardens as a reference point for each one.

By Fallen Greatness chest

From the entrance, head to the right until you spot the wreckage of a Calus statue, particularly, his head.

destiny 2 opulent keys
Calus won't be happy with you stealing his loot. (Picture: Bungie)

Guarded by a Loyal Companion chest

Head in a straight direction to the other side of the room you're in and turn slightly to the left, you'll spot a dog statue, the chest is right in front of it. 

loyal companion statue
The second chest is guarded by a dog statue. (Picture: Bungie)

Among the Ruins chest

From the entrance, immediately turn to the left. Lo and behold, the chest is amid some of the garden ruins waiting for you. Easy.

ruins garden chest
The third chest in the Pleasure Gardens area. (Picture: Bungie)

Now let's move on to the Royal Pools chest. Similarly, we'll use the main entrance to the Pools as a reference point for each one.

At the Feet of Greatness chest

Once you enter the Royal Pools, you'll be able to see two small vents of some sort with blue flames coming off them. The first chest is right behind the left one. 

destiny 2 chests opulent
The first chest in the Royal Pools. (Picture: Bungie)

Where Water Used to Fall chest

Head over to the left side of the pools until you see a big division in the terrain, climb it and the chest will be waiting for you right there.

opulent keys destiny 2
The second chest within the Royal Pools. (Picture: Bungie)

Among Stately Columns

The final chest will see you walk to the right of the Royal Pools, you'll see an entrance to another section of the area. The chest will greet you immediately. 

final chest opulent key
The final chest in the Royal Pools area. (Picture: Bungie)

And that's it! Getting these chests will net you some exclusive guns, with four returning Menagerie weapons up for grabs. 

If you want a more visual guide, we recommend you check the YouTube video by ZaFrostPet embedded down below. 

For more on the game, check out our section dedicated to Destiny 2 gun breakdowns, activity guides, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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