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Destiny 2 Xur location for Nov 20-24

See what the elusive vendor is up to in Destiny 2 during the weekend of November 20-24.
Destiny 2 Xur location for Nov 20-24

The weekend is upon us, and that means a new visit from Xur, the mysterious vendor in Destiny 2 which comes offering premium goods to Guardians with enough currency to obtain them.

Let's get down to it.

Xur location in Destiny 2 Nov 20-24

To find Xur this weekend you'll have to travel to Nessus, arrive using the Watcher's Grave Landing Zone and direct straight to the big tree that'll appear right in front of you, climb the tree trunk and you'll see him waiting for you.

xur location nov 20
(Photo: Bungie)

xur where is he
(Photo: Bungie) 

Now for the fun part, here's what's in his inventory this weekend:

Xur inventory No 20-24

Skuburner's Oath - Exotic Scout Rifle

xur gear
(Photo: Bungie) 

  • Exotic Perk: This weapon lobs large, explosive, seeking slugs when you're firing from the hip. When you're aiming down sights, the slugs travel fast and straight, with higher damage and a lower rate of fire.

Synthoceps - Exotic Titan Gauntlets

Xur guantlets
(Photo: Bungie) 

  • Exotic Perk: Increased melee lunge range. Improved melee and Super damage when you're sorrounded.

Karnstein Armlets - Exotic Warlock Gauntlets

xur gear
(Photo: Bungie) 

  • Exotic Perk: Melee kills instantly restore a large amount of health and continue to restore health afterwards for a short duration

Aeon Swift - Exotic Hunter Gauntlets

xur new gear
(Photo: Bungie) 

  • Exotic Perk: Dodging grants the following  to nearby Aeon Cult Allies:
  • Grenade energy to Warlocks
  • Melee energy to Titans
  • Dodge energy to Hunters

On top of this, Xur will now grant Exotic Cipher quests you can complete in order to obtain one of these precious commodities, this week's quest sees you playing strikers and earning wins on both Crucible and Gambit.

Xur Exotic Cipher quest
(Photo: Bungie) 

So there you have it? It seems Hunters go the short end of the stick this time, but if you grind the Exotic Cipher you might get lucky with the exotic engram!

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