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Destiny 2 Beyond Light: All Year 4 exotics, perks, and how to get

Check out every new exotic armor and weapon coming to Destiny 2 Beyond Light and how to earn them.
Destiny 2 Beyond Light: All Year 4 exotics, perks, and how to get

Destiny 2  Beyond Light is right around the corner to kick Year 4 of Bungie's looter shooter with a bang, as massive changes are coming that have we have never seen before such as the Content Vault and gear sunsetting making its debut.

One of the most exciting things about a new expansion is not only discovering the tidbits of lore or figuring out activities like raids or dungeons but also earning the sweet new exotic gear that debuts each time a DLC drops.

This time it's no different, with Beyond Light having a confirmed 12 exotics initially, ranging from Pulse Rifles, Swords, and Sniper Rifles. Let's dive deep down into each one and how to obtain it.

Remember that this article will be constantly updated throughout Year 4 showcasing new exotics and ways to earn them.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light - All exotics 

All images courtesy of Bungie

No time to explain destiny 2

No Time to Explain - Pulse Rilfe

  • Perk: Precision hits and hits against enemies affected by Stasis will return to the magazine. Stack this effect to summon a portal which will fire bullets from an alternate timeline of the weapon. 
  • How to get: Purchase Beyond Light Deluxe Edition or Standard Edition + Season Pass and it will be unlocked immediatly alongside its Catalyst. Note: Buying the season pass as a standalone add-on won't unlock this weapon.

Destiny 2 duality exotic shotgun

Duality - Shotgun

  • On Black Wings: Pellet final blows grant a stacking precision damage and reload speed buff. Precision hits with slugs extend the duration
  • Compression Chamber: Fires a pellet spread in ihip-fire or a single high-damage slug while aiming
  • How to get: Unlocked when you purchase the Season of the Hunt Season Pass

Cloudstrike Destiny 2

Cloudstrike - Sniper Rifle

  • Perk: Precision final blows will generate lightning bolts at the target location. Rapid precision shots will summon an entire storm at the point of impact.
  • How to get: Complete elect Empire Hunts. Rare drop.

Dstiny 2 the lament

The Lament - Sword

  • Perk: A mortal blade, a stalwart shield. Block with The Lament to rev the blade, then shred through shielded enemies. At its peak, damaging an enemy will heal the wielder.
  • How to get: Complete the Lament exotic quest. Check out our guide right here.

Salvation's Grip Destiny

Salvation's Grip - Grenade Launcher

  • Perk: Redemption is within your grasp. Each fired projectile will create Stasis crystals that will freeze nearby targets. Charge to increase the amount of crystals created and the freeze radius. 
  • How to get: Complete The Stasis Prototype quest.

eyes of tomorrow exotic rocket launcher

Eyes of Tomorrow - Rocket Launcher

  • Perk: Eyes on All: This weapon is capable of tracking and firing at multiple targets simultaneously.
  • Perk: Adaptive Ordnance: Killing four or more combatants in a single volley increases the damage of the next volley.
  • How to get: Complete the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

Exotic armor has never had quests tied to it, meaning this could drop randomly or you an gt your hands on it via Exotic Ciphers. 

icefall mantle
Icefall Mantle - Titan gloves
  • Perk: Stand tall against the oncoming hordes with this reinforced armor that replaces the Titan’s Barricade with Overshield, absorbing damage from incoming fire. 
  • How to get: complete Master or Legendary Lost Sectors.

Destiny 2 Precious Scars

Precious Scars - Titan helmet

  • Perk: Prove your strength, even when coming back from the brink. Upon revives, the Titan gains an Overshield aura that protects the wearer and nearby allies.
  • How to get: complete Master or Legendary Lost Sectors.
Destiny 2 mask of bakris
Mask of Bakris - Hunter helmet
  • Perk: Don the Mask to replace the Hunter’s Dodge ability with a longer range Shift ability that also temporarily cloaks the wearer during use.
  • How to get: complete Master or Legendary Lost Sectors.

athrys's embrace destiny 2

Athrys's Embrace - Hunter gloves 

  • Perk: The Hunter’s weighted knife gains a second ricochet; rapid precision hits gain a damage bonus and can temporarily stagger enemies.
  • How to get: complete Master or Legendary Lost Sectors.
dawn chorus destiny 2
Dawn Chorus - Warlock helmet
  • Perk: Feel that sweet burn. The Warlock’s Daybreak projectiles deal extra damage and cause enemies to burn on contact. Gain melee energy each time a burn damages a target.
  • How to get: complete Master or Legendary Lost Sectors.


Necrotic Grip - Warlock gloves

  • Perk: A deadly caress, compounded. Melee attacks corrupt enemies with increasing damage over time. Defeating a corrupted combatant spreads the corruption to nearby targets and restores melee energy.
  • How to get: complete Master or Legendary Lost Sectors.

On top of these, one more guns is announced: the fan-favourite Hand Cannon Hawkmoon which makes its return from Destiny 1. 

Be sure to check back often as more information regarding exotics in Destiny 2 Beyond Light is uncovered. 




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