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Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 Abilities Revealed For Season 18

Bungie has finally revealed new info on Destiny 2's arc 3.0 update. Here are all the class independent Arc 3.0 abilities that are coming in Season 18.
Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 Abilities Revealed For Season 18

The Destiny 2 Season 18 is on the horizon, and Bungie has finally revealed concrete details on the Arc 3.0 update that's coming with it. 

The Arc subclass is getting a major overhaul in Destiny 2 Season 18, adding new buffs, debuffs, aspects, fragments, and super ability, similar to how it was with the Void and Solar 3.0 updates earlier this year. 

This guide will discuss all the new Arc 3.0 class independent abilities coming to Destiny 2 in season 18 and how they would impact the overall gameplay. 

All Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 Abilities 

destiny 2 arc 3.0
The Arc 3.0 update will launch alongside Destiny 2 Season 18. (Picture: Bungie)

Like with Solar and Void beforehand, the Arc 3.0 update is adding new abilities that should give players more build opportunities within the Arc subclass.


The Arc 3.0 update includes two new buffs. They are -

  • Amplified
  • Speed Booster

Unlike Void and Solar subclass buffs, the Arc 3.0 buffs are not dependent on Aspects and Fragments, which means players can have any Aspects or Fragments equipped and still be able to activate these buffs. However, expect certain Aspects and Fragments to increase the affect of the buffs. 

destiny 2 arc 3.0 buffs and debuffs
The Arc 3.0 update is adding two new class independent buffs and debuffs. (Picture: Bungie)

Activating Amplified will increase the character's movement speed and weapon handling. It will make the Guardian more agile, meaning players can perform longer slides, etc.

The Amplified buff is activated by rapidly defeating enemies with Arc damage. 
Speed Booster, as the name suggests, will increase the player's speed, giving them increased resistance in PvE. It will also allow for longer slides. As Bungie says, " Imagine full-on Metroid speed booster mode, only Samus is now wielding Gjallarhorn."

The Arc 3.0 update includes two new debuffs. They are -

  • Blind 
  • Jolt

Blind, as the name suggests, will blind enemies for a short amount of time in PvE, disorienting them and preventing them from firing their weapons. Activating Blind in PvP will white out the enemy player's screen, removing their HUD temporarily and enabling a ringing audio effect similar to flashbangs. Jolt, on the other hand, will periodically send a chain of lightning, doing AOE damage over time. 

That's all the Arc 3.0 class independent abilities coming to Destiny 2 in season 18.

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Featured image courtesy of Bungie. 

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