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How to Earn Medallions Fast in Destiny 2 Guardian Games

Here's how you can earn those medallions quickly and help your class come out on top in Destiny 2 Guardian Games!
How to Earn Medallions Fast in Destiny 2 Guardian Games

During the Guardian Games in Destiny 2, it's every class for themselves. This event comes once every year, where the three classes in the game go head to head against each other. Over the course of three weeks, Guardians earn medallions for every activity they successfully complete. At the end of the event, the class with the highest medallion tally wins! 

There are four different types of medallions that you will be able to earn during the Guardian Games in Destiny 2, namely: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These medallions fall into two separate tiers. The first tier is known as Low-Tier and comprises of the Bronze and Silver medallions. The other tier is known as High-Tier and comprises of the Gold and Platinum medallions.

Reminder - Guardian Games 2023 ends on May 23 following the weekly reset. So grab farm these Medallions whilst you still can.

How to Farm Medallions in Destiny 2 Guardian Games

Given that the medallions are divided into two tiers, it's only natural that they'll drop from entirely different sources. The low-tier medallions drop from playlist activities like Strikes, Quickplay Crucible, and Gambit. Moreover, if you head over to Neptune and participate in the Terminal Overload activity, you'll be rewarded with a low-tier medallion for every successful completion you have. 


The high-tier medallions are restricted to the more difficult activities in Destiny 2. Raids and Grandmaster Nightfalls will drop both Gold and Platinum medallions because they're the most difficult activities that the game has to offer. Other sources include Trials of Osiris, Competitive PvP, and Legend Defiant Battlegrounds. 

Additionally, you will also be able to purchase contender cards from Eva Levante at the Tower. The Gold contender card will cost you 1000 Glimmer while the Platinum will cost you 1500 Glimmer. Sucessfully completing a contender card will reward you with either a Gold or a Platinum medallion, based on the type of card you've purchased. At any given point, you can hold two cards of either type. This works a lot like the Starhorse Bounties in Destiny 2. 

The Best Destiny 2 Guardian Games Medallion Farm


Considering that the event has just gone live, no specific farm has been detected yet. However, based on event completion time, PvP is the best place for you to farm bronze and silver banners. So are regular Strikes in the Vanguard playlist. 

When it comes to Gold and Platinum medallions, it's worth farming raid boss encounters like Oryx or even Atheon for that matter. Although it's unclear if every encounter drops a medallion, completing just the boss checkpoint should reward you with one. In case it doesn't, then Legend Defiant Battlegrounds should be your next best bet! 

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