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How To Complete Destiny 2 Headlong Mission

Here, we are going to go over what you need to know about overcoming the Headlong mission in the new Lightfall expansion for Destiny 2.
How To Complete Destiny 2 Headlong Mission

Lightfall is finally here in Destiny 2. Lightfall is the latest expansion for Destiny 2 and a lot of new content is now available for players to explore. From a new campaign for players to discover to new powers, there is a lot for Destiny 2 players to check out. There are also a ton of new missions for players to explore as well.

One of the new missions for Destiny 2 is called Headlong. Although the mission is pretty straightforward, there is a puzzle in the Headlong mission that could stump new Destiny 2 players if they are not used to the puzzles in the game. Here, we will go over how to overcome the puzzles that are in the Headlong mission in Destiny 2.

How To Solve The Headlong Puzzle In Destiny 2 Lightfall

Destiny 2 Lightfall Headlong
Headlong is one of the main campaign missions in Destiny 2 Lightfall. (Picture: Bungie)

Headlong is one of the main campaign missions in the new Lightfall expansion, so learning how to solve the puzzle in this mission is essential. During this mission, you will use your sparrow to traverse the area. Eventually, you will reach a door that you cannot cross due to it being protected by a barrier. This is where you will need to solve the puzzle.

After you take out all the enemies in front of the door, you will notice that the Harpies will respawn almost immediately. These Harpies are the key to solving the puzzle. If you look above the door, you will notice that there are crystals on top of it. Some will be glowing, some will not be.

The key to solving this puzzle is to kill the Harpies in the appropriate order to unlock the door. For example, if a crystal is glowing, you will need to kill a glowing Harpy that matches the crystal. It might take a second to register so do not rush. A non-glowing crystal corresponds to a non-glowing Harpy.

Finishing The Headlong Mission

Destiny 2 Headlong Puzzle
Use your weapon to solve the gated puzzles in the Headlong mission. (Picture: Bungie)

The main point of the Headlong mission is for the player to explore and understand the new Strand ability that you get. So a lot of problems and puzzles in this mission can be solved by using Strand. The important thing in this mission is to pay attention to your surroundings and do as you are instructed in the game.

As you progress through the mission, more of the crystal door puzzles will appear. They will all be solved the same way. In the third instance of this puzzle, normal Harpies will appear to distract you so make sure that you ignore them and focus on the puzzle.

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