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How does the Xur hostage glitch work in Destiny 2?

Players have found a way to get ahold of all the goodies Xur brings each weekend just as the Tuesday weekly reset begins.
How does the Xur hostage glitch work in Destiny 2?

The weekly reset is the one true constant in Destiny 2. Every Tuesday at 10 am PT (4 pm GMT), everything refreshes and changes, new Pinnacle rewards are available, Crucible playlists change, a new Nightfall goes live, and more. 

The reset also marks the end of any weekend activities, such as Trials of Osiris, and the departure of Xur, the elusive vendor which previously only offered exotic gear and has been transformed into a more complete trader, as he now provides some amazing Legendary gear with incredible rolls and perks.

Xur arrives every Friday and leaves on Tuesday, however, players have found a way to keep the vendor "hostage" and get everything he has to offer a couple of days early.

How to keep Xur hostage in Destiny 2 

xur hostage
Xur is doubling down as a game show host and vendor now. (Picture: Bungie)

Keeping Xur hostage, a phrase coined by the community to refer to this glitch is very simple. You only need to head out to his location and stay in the game before the weekly reset happens.

After this, it'll take a few seconds but Xur's inventory will eventually refresh, giving you a look at the brand-new weapons he'll sell the following Friday.

You can then invite friends or clan members to join your game, which will make Xur spawn for them as well, even if they logged in after the weekly reset occurred. 

One thing worth mentioning about the Xur hostage glitch is that, while weapons are the same as the ones he'll offer on Friday, the rolls will be different, giving you an extra shot to find that perfect combination.

New rolls for those bold enough to kidnap Xur. (Picture: Bungie)

Furthermore, if a weapon doesn't change after the refresh, it means it will be offered the following Friday with the exact same perks as the previous week.

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Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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