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How to find Null Taste in Destiny 2

The Dawning is here to close out 2021 for Destiny 2. Want to know how to get Null Taste fast? Stick around.
How to find Null Taste in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is closing the year with a host of content intended to fill the gap left by the delay of the The Witch Queen expansion. The 30th Anniversary update that debuted last week has now been followed by The Dawning, a Holiday-themed celebration with plenty of things for Guardians to chase.

From weapons to ships and more in between, The Dawning tasks Guardians with spreading joy across the galaxy, delivering tasty goodies to characters from the Destiny universes. 

In order to bake cookies using Eva Levante's special oven, you'll need to find plenty of ingredients scattered around the different Destiny 2 locations, with Null Taste being a key ingredient in the whole process. 

Where to find Null Taste

drifter destiny 2
The Drifter is particularly fond of this ingredient. (Picture: Bungie)

Null Taste is a key ingredient if you're looking to spoil The Drifter with Dark Chocolate Motes or Amanda Holliday with Chocolate Ship Cookies. Getting it is relatively simple, however, it is a grind.

Simply put, you need to kill enemies with Void damage, whether from abilities or weapons. The more final blows you deliver to enemies, the more chances they'll drop Null Taste.

Via social media, Reddit, and the Bungie forums, players are criticising the low drop rate of Null Taste, but rest assured, Void final blows are still the only way to get it. 

The Dawning will run until 4th January. (Picture: Bungie)

Our recommendation is to play the game regularly and eventually, a few drops of Null Taste will come your way. If your looking to directly farm them, head over to the Moon and run some Altar of Sorrow. It's the safest way to get a constant wave of Hive enemies to span for a long period of time.

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Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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