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How to get Be True emblem in Destiny 2 for free

Bungie is showing support for the trans and non-binary community with a free emblem for all Destiny 2 players.
How to get Be True emblem in Destiny 2 for free

Players can have grievances with Destiny 2 and the way Bungie handles the massive looter-shooter, but one thing no one doubts is the developers' commitment to supporting marginalised communities whenever they can. 

Fundraisers, cosmetics to raise awareness and even creating a nonprofit charity organisation, the Bungie Foundation, supporting each other and treating everyone equally are part of the core values the devs want the Destiny 2 community to embrace.

During the latest, This Week at Bungie blog post, community manager Cozmo revealed that ahead of Transgender Awareness Week, dedicated to raising consciousness around anti-trans violence and discrimination starting on 13th November, Destiny 2 players can get a free emblem to commemorate the occasion. 

How to get Be True emblem

bungie trans flag emblem
The Be True emblem is free for all players. (Picture: Bungie)

As soon as players log into the game, they'll notice a quick pop-up notification showcasing how they can acquire the Be True emblem, with a code they need to redeem on Bungie's official site.

Follow the steps down below to do so:

  • Copy the code ML3-FD4-ND9 go to the official Bungie Code Redemption website.
  • Login to your account and paste your code in the section.
  • Click on the Redeem button to claim your free reward.

Once you log back into the game, the emblem should be in your inventory.

be true emblem
Destiny 2 players can don this emblem free of charge. (Picture: Bungie)

As we've mentioned, Transgender Awareness Week starts on13th November, culminating on the Transgender Day of Remembrance on the 20th, a day for the community to honour those who have been victims of transphobic hate crimes. 

We don't know how long will the emblem be available, but it's safe to say you can redeem it within the timeframe mentioned above.

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Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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