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How to get Superb Texture in Destiny 2

Superb Texture is a rare ingredient in Destiny 2 and is needed to make classic butter cookies. Here’s how you can get it.
How to get Superb Texture in Destiny 2

The holiday spirit has arrived in Destiny 2, with the yearly's Dawning event now live across all platforms. Like every year, Eva Levante gives players her holiday oven to bake cookies for Destiny 2's various Tower residents and unlock new rewards in the process. 

In the Dawning 2021 event, players can bake a vast assortment of different cookies, one of which is the "classic butter cookies". These are for Eva Levante herself, and baking them requires three ingredients; Essence of Dawning, Taken Butter, and Superb Texture.

Players can acquire the Essence of Dawning by completing any activities in the game. They can acquire Taken Butter by eliminating Taken enemies. The third and final ingredient is Superb Texture, acquiring which can take a bit longer than the rest.

Where to farm Superb Texture in Destiny 2

Superb Texture Destiny 2
Superb Texture is one of the rare ingredients in The Dawning 2021. (Picture: Bungie)

Players can acquire Superb Texture by getting kills using their super abilities. This can be a bit tedious since the super takes time to recharge. As such, players should try and get maximum kills every time their super recharges to quicken the rate of acquiring this particular ingredient. Finding an area with relatively weak enemies in abundance is the key and the Blind Well in Destiny 2 is one such area.

Alternatively, the astral alignment six-player activity, which is part of the Season of the Lost, is also a decent place to get maximum kills from the super ability.

Players can also hover on to locations with neighbouring public events as it not only spawns weak enemies in abundance but also gives players an opportunity to quickly replenish their super abilities. It's done by rallying to the flag, which immediately regenerates abilities and refills ammo. All in all, there are plenty of ways to acquire Superb Texture though there's no doubt that it requires time and patience.

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Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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