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How to get the Dinosaur armour in Destiny 2

You'll have to fork out a pretty penny to get them.
How to get the Dinosaur armour in Destiny 2

One of the most exciting aspects of every new Destiny 2 event is the amount of gear and weapons Guardians are able to collect. While we already talked about the Jurassic Green pulse rifle, there's also a complete Dinosaur-themed armour set up for grabs.

With 2021's Festival of Lost in full swing and players grinding the new Haunted Lost Sector activity, many have wondered -- how exactly do you get the Dinosaur armour?

Dinosaur armour in Destiny 2 - How to get

dinosaur armor destiny 2
The answer might not be what you were expecting. (Picture: Bungie)

With each class getting an exclusive Dinosaur-themed armour (Warlocks are Triceratops, Titans are T-Rex, and Hunters sport Velociraptor ornaments), the answer to how to get them is simply to pay for them.

Each ornament set costs a total of 1,500 Silver, the premium currency within Destiny 2.

Can you get the Dinosaur armor for free?

Well actually, yes, you can. If you're one of those that likes to hoard Bright Dust, you can acquire a set for 6,000 BD.

If you play multiple characters, the total cost for the Dinosaur armour will rise to 4,500 Silver/18,000 Bright Dust, so either way, they're not cheap.

destiny 2 dinosaur
At least there's a nice weapon to pair the armour with. (Picture: Bungie)

These are far from the only premium cosmetics available with Silver, sadly, in one of the worst practices Destiny 2 has to offer, as a new sleuth of masks, Ghost shells, and emotes advertised as part of the event can only be acquired by spending real money.

Regardless, there is still plenty of loot to chase even if you don't spend a penny, so don't get discouraged and start grinding right away instead. 

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Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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