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How to complete Haunted Lost Sectors in Destiny 2

The new activity will give Guardians something different to look forward to during Festival of the Lost.
How to complete Haunted Lost Sectors in Destiny 2
Destiny 2 2021's Festival of the Lost is finally live, bringing a spooky vibe to the looter shooter, as well as some cool-looking new armour and a dinosaur-themed pulse rifle.

Unlike previous years, a new activity was also cooked up by Bungie to refresh the experience for veteran Guardians, with Haunted Lost Sectors showcased as the latest one to become a part of the Halloween festivities.

What are they exactly? And how do you unlock them? Let's not beat around the bush and tell you everything you need to know.

Haunted Lost Sectors - How to unlock

festival of the lost
You'll need to complete a quick step before heading to Haunted Lost Sectors. (Picture: Bungie)

Don't get upset if you don't see the Haunted Lost Sectors playlist as soon as you hop into Destiny 2, because first, you'll need to complete a quick quest step for Eva Levante in the Gone But Not Forgotten quest.

She'll task you with the following:

  • Find three Spectral Pages
  • Collect 100 Candy

This might seem daunting, but in our experience, completing a single Strike gives you more than enough to fulfil the requirements. Remember, you have to be wearing a Festival of the Lost mask for Candy to drop.

Haunted Lost Sectors - How to complete

festival of the lost
Time to get the grind started. (Picture: Bungie)

Once you have the ability to launch Haunted Lost Sectors, either from the directory or the courtyard at the Tower, you can start your grind.

The process is relatively simple.

Explore the Haunted Lost Sector

There will be a total of three Haunted Lost Sector, one in Nessus, another in Europa, and one final third we've yet to confirm. As soon as you spawn you'll simply be tasked with exploring the area until you reach the final section.

Headless Ones slain

Once you reach the final area, a five-minute timer will appear on your screen, that's the maximum amount of time you'll get to kill giant Hive Knights with pumpkin heads.

To spawn them, look for Summoning Rituals scattered throughout the Lost Sector. Several will spawn at the same time and you can spread out to cover as much ground as possible.

These will help you convert Spectral Pages for the lore book, a new addition to the Festival of the Lost this year.

Defeat the Lost Sector Boss

Destiny 2 halloween
Getting closer to your reward. (Picture: Bungie)

Once the timer runs out, the regular Lost Sector boss will appear depending on which one you're doing, however, there's a catch.

Once you lower their health, they'll become immune, and more Headless Ones will spawn alongside Summoning Rituals. Kill them and they'll drop Pumpkin Charges, throw them at the boss to make them vulnerable again. Rinse and repeat until you've defeated it.

And that's it! Collect your reward from the final chest.


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Featured image courtesy of Bungie