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How to use Tickets To Impossible Destinations in Destiny 2

Another day, another Destiny 2 mystery for players to figure out.
How to use Tickets To Impossible Destinations in Destiny 2

There's no better time to jump into Destiny 2 than right now. Between the 30th Anniversary update and The Dawning filling up an extended Season of the Lost due to The Witch Queen being delayed, there's plenty of new content to tackle.

As Guardians are either grinding for ingredients during the Christmas-themed event that will run until 4th January or chasing Halo-themed weapons, a mysterious drop is popping in their inventory, seemingly useless, but potentially interesting in the near future.

One of these items is an Uncommon drop called "Tickets To Impossible Destinations". According to the in-game description, they are tickets that are constantly changing travel information for players that get them, probably referring to the fact they are connected with Vex technology of some kind.

Where to use Tickets To Impossible Destinations

destiny 2 tickets
So... what are they for? (Picture: Bungie)

The mystery stems from the fact that there isn't a way to utilise these consumables. In fact, the game itself encourages you to discard them "safely".

As we know, however, nothing is straightforward with Destiny 2. While this might simply be just another easter egg, it's worth noting that during the last Halloween event, patient players that didn't dismantle their Ascendant Lens got rewarded for it.

How to get Tickets To Impossible Destinations

If you're curious about how to get your hands on the Tickets To Impossible Destinations, players are reporting that they're dropping after completing bounties from Xur's special cosmic horse.

Our recommendation is that despite the game explicitly telling you that you can discard them if you want to clear up your inventory, keep ahold of them at least for a few months, patiently expecting for a Bungie pull of the rug revealing they'll play an important part come February when The Witch Queen launches.

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Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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