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Destiny 2 - Infinite Legendary Shards Farm Glitch Explained

Gain tons of resources and items with our guide explaining the infinite Legendary Shards farm glitch in Destiny 2.
Destiny 2 - Infinite Legendary Shards Farm Glitch Explained

Legendary Shards are an essential resource in Destiny 2, especially with the introduction of the new Season of the Deep update. To withstand the upcoming challenges, players will need to amass as many of these resources as possible. Fortunately, a clever glitch has been found, enabling you to farm these resources indefinitely.

Should this pique your interest (and it absolutely should), read on as we delve into the specifics below. We will detail exactly how to execute the Infinite Legendary Shards farm glitch in Destiny 2 and discuss the benefits of doing it while you can.

How To Get Unlimited Legendary Shards In Destiny 2

To provide some background, Season of the Deep in Destiny 2 introduces three new quests for each subclass, accessible by visiting Ikora Rey at the Tower Bazaar. Each of these quests rewards you with an exotic armor piece halfway through.

As one piece of exotic armor can be broken down into 5 Legendary Shards, 500 Glimmer, and a +7 Gunsmith Rank progress, this is where the glitch comes into effect.

Destiny 2 Infinite Legendary Shard Farm Glitch Setup missions
To begin the glitch, you'll need to speak to Ikora Rey and accept one of the subclass missions. (Picture: YouTube / Mini Faisel)

To set up this newly discovered glitch, start by visiting Ikora Rey and selecting any of the three aforementioned exotic quests. If you have already completed these quests on one character, fret not, as they can also be obtained on your other two characters.

Having secured the quest of your choice from Ikora, follow the quest steps until you reach the point where you're offered a potential exotic armor reward specific to your character class and asked to visit Ikora Rey in the Tower.

Destiny 2 Infinite Legendary Shard Farm Glitch Execute glitch by abandoning mission
To trigger the glitch, simply abandon the quest once you have obtained the exotic armor that needs to be returned to Ikora Rey. (Picture: YouTube / Mini Faisel)

Here lies the crux of the exploit. When you get to the quest step asking you to visit Ikora Rey, dismiss the exotic quest via your Quests tab.

After discarding the quest, interact with Ikora again, and a glitch will trigger, enabling you to claim an unlimited number of exotic armor pieces from her. You can collect up to nine exotic armor pieces at a time and dismantle these exotics, each yielding 5 Legendary Shards, 500 Glimmer, and Gunsmith reputation.

In summary, gather nine exotic armor pieces, dismantle all of them, and then repeat the process to maintain a steady influx of Legendary Shards. This glitch is likely to be patched or the quests removed in future updates, so ensure you farm this as often and for as long as you can to secure all the weapons, upgrades, and vendor items you need.

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