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Destiny 2 Iron Banner Start Time Schedule & Loot Pool (Season 20)

Everything you need to know about the Iron Banner PvP mode in Destiny 2 Season of Defiance (Season 20).
Destiny 2 Iron Banner Start Time Schedule & Loot Pool (Season 20)

Although Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris is widely considered the pinnacle of PvP action in Destiny 2, the Iron Banner pvp mode is not to be sniffed at either.

Aside from offering a welcome alternative to the standard PvP modes available in the Destiny 2 crucible, you can also earn some slick-looking exclusive weapons and armor too.

If you love playing Iron Banner, then don't worry, we've got all the dates you need to mark on your calendar so you don't miss any of that sweaty PvP action, as well as a quick guide to the weapons and armor you can earn in Season 20.

How To Start Iron Banner In Destiny 2

If you're a new player who has just started the game you will first have to complete the New Light quest up until the point where you meet Lord Shaxx. This will then unlock access to Lord Saladin's Iron Banner PvP mode. 

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Schedule In Season 20

On 2 March 2023, the This Week At Bungie blog post confirmed the Iron Banner schedule for Destiny 2 Season 20.

In a change, Iron Banner will now take place three times per season with a slightly different mode each time it returns.

Below is the planned Iron Banner schedule and mode rotation for Destiny 2 Season 20:

  • Week 4: From March 21 to March 28 - Control Mode
  • Week 6: From April 4 to April 11 - Eruption Mode
  • Week 9: From April 25 to May 2 - Fortress Mode

As is always the case, when Destiny 2 Iron Banner PvP is active, it also means that there is no Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris mode available the same weekend that Iron Banner is active.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Start Time

As with most changes in Destiny 2, you need to wait for Destiny 2 Weekly Reset to take place before you can jump into Iron Banner on the above dates.

Once the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset has commenced you should be able to find Lord Saladin in the Tower Courtyard and Iron Banner available on the Destiny 2 Director.

Iron Banner PvP mode
Iron Banner can be great for farming high powered gear

How To Earn Iron Banner Reputation and Rewards

Lord Saladin will offer rewards to players who rank up their reputation with him by turning in Iron Banner Tokens. Below is a list of ways you can earn Iron Banner Tokens:

  • Match Completions: Upon completing an Iron Banner Crucible match, players will be awarded Iron Banner Tokens to turn in to Lord Saladin. While all Iron Banner match completions award tokens, wins will award more tokens than losses.
  • Weekly Bounties: Players may earn additional Iron Banner Tokens by completing Weekly Iron Banner bounties. These can be completed on each character throughout an Iron Banner event.
  • Iron Banner Emblems:  Players may earn an Iron Banner emblem by completing various objectives during an Iron Banner event. 

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Loot Pool

The Destiny 2 Iron Banner loot pool changes with the start of every season. Each season, Bungie will cycle out some weapons and add new weapons to the list of potential rewards you can earn. Likewise, the armor set available will also change.

Below is a list of the potential weapon and armor rewards players can earn in Destiny 2 Season 20:

Iron Banner Weapons In Season 20

Iron Banner Armor In Season 20

In Season 20, players can earn the Destiny 2 Iron Companion Armor Set (seen below), which was originally released in Destiny 1.

In addition, every piece of armor from the Iron Compansion set comes with the following intrinsic perk: 

  • Iron Lord's Pride: Grants a chance to receive an Enhancement Prism as a reward at the end of Iron Banner matches. Each piece of armor you are wearing with this perk on it increases the chance of receiving an Enhancement Prism, to a maximum of 4 items.
Destiny 2 Iron Companion set
The Iron Companion set is available in Season 20

All Destiny 2 Iron Banner Armor Sets

If you're interested to know what Iron Banner Armor Sets have been available before, below is a list of all Iron Banner armor sets since Season 8:

Destiny 2 Season Available Iron Banner Armor Set
Season 20 Iron Companion
Season 19 Iron Companion
Season 18 Iron Forerunner
Season 17 Iron Forerunner
Season 16 Iron Forerunner
Season 15 Iron Forerunner
Season 14 Iron Truage
Season 13 Iron Truage
Season 12 Iron Will
Season 11 Iron Fellowship
Season 10 Iron Remembrance
Season 9 Iron Truage
Season 8 Iron Will

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