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All Destiny 2 Moon Region Chest Locations

Here's a quick guide on how to find every single region chest on the moon in Destiny 2.
All Destiny 2 Moon Region Chest Locations

The Moon was introduced in Destiny 2 back during the Shadowkeep expansion. This was the first time the Darkness was spotted in the system, and it is this expansion that kicked off the Light & Darkness saga in the game. The Moon in Destiny 2 if dominated by the Hive, but you will also come across Eliksni and Vex of the Sol Divisive here. 

Just like Europa, this region also contains around 9 region chests as well. Whenever you open a region chest, you'll be rewarded with Helium Filaments and Glimmer. Also, keep in mind that you can't loot this chest over and over again. Once you've looted it, the next time you go there, the chest won't spawn. With that said, here are the locations of all the region chests on The Moon in Destiny 2. 

All Moon Region Chest Locations in Destiny 2

You will come across three primary locations on the Moon in Destiny 2. These locations are: Anchor of Light, Hellmouth, and Archer's Line. Each location contains three different region chests. 

Anchor of Light


  • To the west of this area, you'll notice that there's an Eliksni camp. Head into the camp, and into the tunnel here. You'll find the region chest inside this tunnel. 
  • When you're entering the region from the Sanctuary, once you get the Anchor of Light notification, travel to your left. You'll see a fallen radio mast. There's a region chest located right here. 
  • Third region chest is located close to the Eliksni ship in the area. Head to the ship and look for crates covered with purple tarpaulin. The chest is behind these crates. 



  • Although the three chests fall under the Hellmouth region, they're located within the Circle of Bones to be precise. For the first chest, travel to the northwestern side of the region and keep going till you come across a crack in the ground. Drop down on the ledge and you should find a region chest here. 
  • For the second chest, make your way into Hellmouth through Archer's Line, and travel to your right. You'll come across an orange ramp. Head inside it and you'll find the chest here. 
  • The final chest can be found towards the east. Continue past the orange ramp and keep going till you see a rock covered with purple tarpaulin. The final chest is here. 

Archer's Line


  • For the first chest, enter Archer's Line through the Sanctuary. Climb on top of the railway structure here and keep moving towards the K1 Logistics lost sector till you find the region chest. 
  • For the second chest, make your way to the abandoned outpost that is to the left of the railway structure from where you found the previous chest. There's a small platform past the edge of the cliff. The second chest can be found on this platform. 
  • Make your way back to the railway structure and the travel to your right. Keep going till you come across some white circular buildings. You'll notice that there's a radio tower here. The third chest is located behind the building opposite to this radio tower. 

These are all the region chests that you will come across on the Moon in Destiny 2. Don't forget to refer to the map as well while you're looking for these chests because the map also shows you their approximate location. 

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