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Where Is Petra Venj This Week? (April 2024)

Petra Venj is an Awoken warrior in Destiny 2. Here's where you can find her this week.
Where Is Petra Venj This Week? (April 2024)

The world of Destiny 2 is brimming with important figures and personalities, some more than others because they have bounties, gear, and resources for sale. Most of these characters or vendors are exclusive to certain planets in the game. If you are new to Destiny 2 and are looking to explore the ethereal Dreaming City, you may first want to visit the planet vendor Petra Venj.  But where exactly can you find this Awoken warrior in the Dreaming City?

What is Petra Venj's Location In Destiny 2 This Week?

Like Xur, Petra's location changes every week and you will find her in different regions of the Dreaming City. Unlike Xur, Petra Venj's location will change every Tuesday, following the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset.

This week you will find Petra Venj in The Strand.

To visit Petra, simply open the Director and click on the Destinations tab. Now, select the Dreaming City and look for a greenish symbol with teeth markings. That's Petra Venj's vendor icon.

When Will Petra Venj Change Location?

As noted, Petra's location changes with every Destiny 2 Weekly Reset. The countdown clock below shows you how long you have until Petra's location changes once again.

Time Until Petra's Location Changes In Destiny 2
6 days, 22:11:27
destiny 2 petra venj location
You can find Petra Venj in the Dreaming City. (Picture: Bungie)

What does Petra Venj sell in Destiny 2?

Thankfully, Petra has a lot to offer in Destiny 2. You can pick up Dreaming City quests - Dark Monastery and War For The Dreaming City, completing which will get you Legendary Gear and Dark Fragment resources. 

Petra also has daily and weekly Dreaming City bounties for you to pick up. Additionally, you can purchase consumables like Raid Banner and Charge of Light from her.  With no plans to vault The Dreaming City, it's safe to assume that Queen Mara Sov's emissary will continue to take residence on this picturesque planet.

And that's it - everything you need to know to find Petra Venj in Destiny 2.

destiny 2 petra venj location
Petra has quests, bounties, and consumables to offer. (Picture: Bungie)

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