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All Crota's End Secret Chest Locations In Destiny 2

There are two hidden chests in the reprised Crota's End raid in Destiny 2. Here's how you can get your hands on the loot they offer.
All Crota's End Secret Chest Locations In Destiny 2

Crota's End is all grown up and has finally made its Destiny 2 debut. After fans were a little hesitant for the "Dungeon/Strike" level Destiny 1 Raid to return to the modern day, its Day One Contest mode proved to be one of the more difficult ones in recent memory. Now that the reprised Raid's new and improved mechanics have all been figured out, it's time to start seeing what fun secrets Bungie has brought to it. 

Similar to the Vault of Glass and King's Fall raid reprisals, Crota's End maintains some of its Destiny 1 counterpart's secrets. The first two hidden chests in Crota's End didn't take long to find, but getting to them might prove to be a bit of a challenge for the average Joe, erm, Guardian. Let's take a look at how to find the secret chests in Crota's End. 

Crota's End Secret Chest Locations

Crota's End brings a few secret chests to the raid in Destiny 2. These chests won't drop any new weapons or armor that you haven't already unlocked from the encounters themselves. Instead, grabbing these chests will give you chances at new rolls on those weapons and armor pieces, as well as Raid Armor Mods, needed to give you the upper hand when running Crota's End. 

That sweet Age of Triumph armor

Crota's End Secret Chest 1 Location

The first secret chest in Crota's End is going to be in the Abyss encounter. After building the bridge and taking the plunge into the Hellmouth, hug the left wall of the arena and check all of the doors marked by faint yellow lights. There are a good few of these doors, but the chest will be hidden behind one of them, so keep checking until you've found it. 

These doors are illuminated out of spite (Image: Cheese Forever)

The good news is that the chest won't change locations if you or your team wipe the encounter because you weren't able to find it fast enough. The door the chest is behind will stay the same as long as you don't leave the raid. 

There you are my pretty! (Image: Cheese Forever)

The chest might change locations if you do decide to leave and come back, so make sure that if you need to grab an Eager Edge Sword, you use the Destiny Companion App or Destiny Item Manager to pull it from your Vault or other characters. 

Crota's End Secret Chest 2 Location

This chest is more of a time challenge than it is a puzzle. In order to get to this chest, Guardians must blaze their way through the Shriker Hallway encounter immediately after the Bridge Building encounter. 

Start the encounter by picking up the Chalice (Image: killsey)

As you proceed and pass the Chalice back and forth to get the Empowered Buff, you'll have to go through each of the green forcefields. Once you've done that, kill the Shrieker to open the path for your teammates. By the time this has happened, the next Empowered player should be able to pass the Chalice. Rinse and repeat. 

Once Empowered, kill the Shrieker (Image: killsey)

Once the final doorway is cleared, the last player holding the Chalice needs to deposit the Chalice before the actual door at the very back of this room closes. If you manage to get the Chalice deposited quickly enough, the door will reopen and reveal the second secret chest. 

Hurry through the door to collect that loot! (Image: killsey)

Crota's End Secret Chest 3 Location

Beyond pure fan speculation, there does seem to be a third secret chest hidden in the Crota's End raid. This can be confirmed by looking at the raid's Triumphs and hovering over the Spoils of Conquest Triumph. There are three hidden chest objectives, meaning that there is at least one more chest hidden somewhere within the Realm of Crota. 

The Triumphs don't lie (Image: Skarrow9)

As soon as the community solves this puzzle, check back here to get the lowdown on how to find it and unlock the shader that's tied to the Triumph. 


That's all you need to know about how to get the secret chests in Crota's End! For more, check out our Crota's End Loot Table and how to get your hands on the Red Death Exotic Pulse Rifle when The Final Shape releases on February 27th, 2024. 

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