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How To Get The Two-Tailed Fox Catalyst In Destiny 2

The Two-Tailed Fox Exotic Rocket Launcher is a beast for DPS with its new Catalyst. Here's how to get it!
How To Get The Two-Tailed Fox Catalyst In Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Lightfall brought a ton of cool new toys to play with: Strand, new exotic weapons, and brand new catalysts for weapons that haven't seen much use in some time. One of these is the Two-Tailed Fox Exotic Catalyst. This exotic rocket launcher already fires two twin missiles, one Void and one Solar, that can track a single target. After the Light Subclass reworks, these rockets also apply weaken and scorch to a target, two of the new Void and Solar damage-type verbs. 

The Two-Tailed Fox Catalyst, however, adds an Arc rocket to the mix, applying Jolt, which does tick damage, making it even more powerful. Unfortunately, some players might find it challenging to come across the Catalyst in their playtime, so how do you get the Two-Tailed Fox Catalyst? We're going to break it down. 

How To Get The Two-Tailed Fox Exotic Catalyst

None for me, thanks.

The Two-Tailed Fox Catalyst is earned by completing ritual activities. This includes Strikes, Nightfalls, Gambit, and Crucible and the many flavors they come in. While this isn't a grind that has a tight, pointed direction, just putting time into grinding out activities while searching for some better rolls on loot is the best way to go. 

How to Complete the Two-Tailed Fox Catalyst

Unfortunately, getting lucky enough to get the catalyst to drop is only half the battle. Once you've gotten the drop in a playlist activity of your choice, you're going to need to get 350 kills with it before you get the added benefit of having the catalyst at all. 

To do this, we recommend pulling a Shuro Chi checkpoint from a fellow Guardian using either your LFG of choice or by using the Wishing Wall at the beginning of the Last Wish raid. You can also use the Grasp of Avarice dungeon entrance, but with Two-Tailed Fox being a heavy rocket launcher, ammo for it will be scarce. With the Shuro Chi checkpoint, you can plot a Rally Banner and continue at it to your heart's content. 

What Does The Two-Tailed Fox Catalyst Do?

Let's get Joltin'

The Two-Tailed Fox Catalyst gives your twin missiles a third little brother. This new Arc damage rocket applies Jolt to the target it hits. This being another Light Subclass verb, you'll learn that Jolt can both spread to other nearby enemies. Jolt also applies Damage-Over-Time and will quickly add to the DPS you can output. Pairing this with a Well of Radiance and Lunafaction Boots on the Warlock who casts the Well, you're going to be able to fire up to 10 rockets in very quick succession, all while applying Weaken, Scorch, and Jolt. 

Two-Tailed Fox is likely to be king in the Day One The Root of Nightmares raid. If you find your team looking to maximize damage, be sure that you have only one person running it, as the benefits from Jolt make this weapon a DPS beast, but only one person can apply Jolt at a time. 

That's everything you need to know about the Two-Tailed Fox Catalyst! 

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