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Vex Mythoclast will finally be nerfed in Destiny 2

The OP fusion rifle has been dominating the PvP meta for far too long.
Vex Mythoclast will finally be nerfed in Destiny 2

Destiny 2's power fantasy can sometimes get off the charts, and one of the best examples is the Vex Mythoclast exotic fusion rifle.

Returning from the previous title with the revamped Vault of Glass, Vex is a hot commodity within the Destiny 2 community since it was buffed this September, making it a must-have for high-end PvP activities such as Trials of Osiris or Iron Banner.

What made things even better for Mythoclast users was the Season of the Lost artifact, which boasts an incredible mod, Particle Deconstruction, letting Vex rack up damage over time, hitting a single target, making it perfect to melt raid bosses.

Vex Mythoclast will be nerfed in December

destiny 2 season of the lost
Season of the Lost's meta will change come the end of the year. (Picture: Bungie)

According to the senior community manager at Bungie, DMG, Vex Mythoclast will receive some tuning in December, as it's currently feeling a bit too "hot."

What these changes will entail still remain to be seen; however, DMG put fears of a complete nerf to rest, as they don't want to make the weapon completely useless.

The weapon is still relatively hard to obtain, as it's a random drop from completing the Vault of Glass raid, so Bungie will likely make sure Vex Mythoclast remains a relevant weapon in Destiny 2.

season of the lost gone
Once Season of the Lost is gone, so will Particle Deconstruction. (Picture: Bungie)

On top of this, Particle Deconstruction, the mod that helps the Vex feels that much overpowered, will be gone once Season of the Lost wraps and The Witch Queen rolls around.

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Featured image courtesy of Bungie

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