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Diablo 3 Ramaladni's Gift - How To Get, Farm & Use

A complete guide to farming and using one of Diablo 3's rarest items, Ramaladni's Gift. Get one while you can!
Diablo 3 Ramaladni's Gift - How To Get, Farm & Use

As arguably one of the rarest items in Diablo 3, no matter which season you are in, Ramaladni's Gift is something all Nephalem in Sanctuary might be after.

It is extremely difficult to get a Ramaladni's Gift in Diablo 3, so much so that many have given up on specifically farming for it.

This guide explains exactly what Ramaladni's Gift is, how to get one, and if there are any surefire ways of farming it in your journey through Diablo 3 Season 28, so stay awhile and listen...

Update 27 June 2023: This article has been updated with the latest information on the location of Ramaladni's Gift in Diablo 3.

What is Ramaladni's Gift in Diablo 3 & Uses

Diablo 3 Ramaladni's Gift how to get use farming greater rifts drop rate
First, you need to identify this rare consumable item, and then apply it to a weapon of your choosing. (Picture: Blizzard / Jesse James)

Ramaladni's Gift is a legendary consumable item in Diablo 3. After you've found a drop and identified it, the item's description will read: "After many years of learning from the great smiths of the Barbarian tribes, Ramaladni, at last, returned to Westmarch. 'Friends,' he told the brotherhood of armorers, 'I have one word for you. Just one word. Sockets!'"

As you might have guessed, Ramaladni's Gift adds a socket that can be applied to a weapon that does not have a socket. 

The item is account-bound, and the socket created by using Ramaladni's Gift cannot be re-rolled or enchanted. You cannot use more than one Ramaladn's Gift on the same weapon.

Once you've used Ramaladni's Gift, it will disappear from your inventory, and you will have to get another one to add another socket to a weapon.

How to Get Diablo 3 Ramaladni's Gift?

Diablo 3 Ramaladni's Gift how to get use farming greater rifts drop rate
To get a Ramaladni's Gift in Diablo 3 will require a whole lot of luck. (Picture: Blizzard / Jesse James)

Here's the thing, Ramaladni's Gift is incredibly difficult to obtain during a season of Diablo 3. Some players report having leveled up to Paragon 600 without ever seeing one drop.

So how do you get a Ramaladni's Gift in Diablo 3? By luck. It can drop from anywhere if you are in a Torment difficulty world, from completing bounties to running Greater Rifts and just about anything else you can think of.

Check out YouTuber Jesse James' short but informative video below showing you exactly how to use a Ramaladni's Gift in Diablo 3.

Many Nephalem looking to get their hands on a Ramaladni's Gift have wondered if there are any specific farming tactics that can be employed, which is what our next section of this guide is for.

Is Farming Ramaladni's Gift Possible?

There's no specific farming route to get Ramaladni's Gift. However, there are obvious ways to make farming a bit easier.

First, you should use an excellent farming build for your class. For example, the Wave of Light (WoL) Monk running Great Rifts will do the trick.

Diablo 3 Ramaladni's Gift how to get use farming greater rifts drop rate
Treasure goblins on Torment level difficulty can drop this rare item. (Picture: Blizzard)

Our best advice for farming Ramaladni's Gifts in Diablo 3 would be to run Greater Rifts. Players should always keep farming effectiveness and time spent in mind. To this end, we recommend running Greater Rifts at the highest level so you can quickly complete them, with four minutes being the maximum here.

The goal is to get as many chances at a Ramaladni's Gift drop as possible, running through roughly 20 Greater Rifts per hour. Due to the random drop nature of this item, however, we cannot guarantee you will see a drop even after dozens of hours of farming.

So there you have everything you need to know about Ramaladni's Gift in Diablo 3, including the best way to farm this exceptionally rare item and what it is used for.