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Digimon Survive Karma System Guide - Moral, Harmony, And Wrathful

Here's our guide on the Digimon Survive karma system explaining the Moral, Harmony, and Wrathful paths you will have to choose from. The karma path also dictates the evolution of Agumon and various other Digimon.
Digimon Survive Karma System Guide - Moral, Harmony, And Wrathful

Players diving into the brand new world of Digimon Survive will find the game has changed a lot of its content compared to the Digimon games of old. From its unique gameplay being a hybrid between tactical role-playing and visual novel aesthetics to its new Karma system that dictates the flow and structure the game's narrative will take.

This new Karma system in particular can be confusing to new players or those who aren't familiar with systems like it, and if you find yourself in this situation, then we have your back. Below you can find everything you need to know about the new Karma System in Digimon Survive, and the Moral, Harmony, and Wrathful mechanics that form part of it.

Digimon Survive Karma System Guide - Moral, Harmony, And Wrathful

Digimon Survive Karma System Guide Moral Harmony And Wrathful three karma paths to choose from
Digimon Survive features three karma paths that depend on your choices when interreacting in dialogue. (Picture: Bandai Namco)

Digimon Survive's Karma system features three different kinds of karma called Moral, Harmony, and Wrathful. Each story or dialogue option that the player comes across in the game will allow them to choose between responses that line up with these three karma options. 

Each time you engage in decision-making, you can choose between a moral choice in the top-right, a harmonious choice in the bottom-right, and a wrathful choice in the bottom-left. Each of these decisions affects the future events of the game, meaning you need to take care with your choices as you can't go back and change them without loading a save or restarting a section.

You can check your Digimon Survive karma rating by heading to the profile menu, and checking the bottom right corner of the screen to see how many points you have for each of the three karma variations. You can also see a visual analysis of how the three stats relate to each other and help you keep an eye on where your karma is and how you might want to change it if you choose.

The karma path you engage in will also determine the evolutionary path that your Augumon and some other specific Digimon take as they Digivolve into new forms. Agumon for example will become Greymon along the moral path, Tyrannomon on the harmony path, and a yet unknown evolution for the wrathful line.

Digimon Survive Karma System Guide Moral Harmony And Wrathful Digimon Evolution
The karma path you choose also dictates the evolution of Agumon and various other Digimon. (Picture: Bandai Namco)

Additionally, each karma type also comes with its attribute, which makes it easier for you to convince certain Digimon to become your friend or give you items when you speak to them. Below we have broken down these attributes and the decisions you need to take to move down each of them.

Moral Karma - Vaccine Attribute Digimon

Moral karma is gained by making the most selfless, justice-oriented, and good-hearted decisions available to your character. These choices are aimed at making the most altruistic choices in the name of good, and if you have more moral karma than the other types, it's far easier to convince Vaccine attribute Digimon to join your side.

Harmony Karma - Data Attribute Digimon

Harmony Karma is based more on communication, understanding and supporting your teammates through words, and taking a more passive approach to the events that occur in the game. Gathering more Harmony karma allows you to easily convince Data attribute Digimon to join your ranks.

Wrathful Karma - Virus Attribute Digimon

Wrathful karma is obtained through making brazen, selfish, and more single-minded decisions that could even put you and your friends in danger as you progress through the game. Though ranking up this karma stat gives you a boost in being able to convince Virus attribute Digimon to join your side.

Digimon Survive Karma System Guide Moral Harmony And Wrathful Attributes determined by karma path
Pokémon with specific attributes are easier to recruit depending on your karma path. (Picture: Bandai Namco)

And that's all you need to know to be ready for the important decisions that will come your way while playing Digimon Survive. Whether you want to choose just one to play or want to attempt all three, we say why not try them all.

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Featured image courtesy of Bandai Namco Entertainment.