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Digimon Survive Monsters Tier List (2023): Best Digimon Ranked

Digimon Survive boasts a slew of amazing Digital Monsters but which ones should you use? This tier list ranks the best Digimon in the game.
Digimon Survive Monsters Tier List (2023): Best Digimon Ranked

There are over 100 Digital Monsters and Digivolurions in Digimon Survive, each varying in strength and ability. As a result, it's understandable that players will want to know which Digimon are the best and strongest to use in battle. This tier list ranks all the Digital Monsters in Digimon Survive from best to worst, allowing you to isolate the most robust Monsters for your team.

Digimon Survive Tier List - All Monsters Ranked Best To Worst

digimon survive tier list strongest digital monsters best to worst
This tier list ranks all Digimon and Digivolutions from strongest to weakest. (Picture: Bandai Namco)

The Digimon featured in this tier list are categorized under five levels explained as follows:

  • S-Tier: The best "meta" Digimon in the game; these Monsters offer the strongest attack and ability damage. These include all the Ultimate and Super Ultimate Digimon.

  • A-Tier: These Digimon are still very good and are versatile for use in any setting. They demonstrate solid attack damage, resistance, range, and defense. Most of these Monsters comprise the Perfect Digivolution forms.

  • B-Tier: These are good Digimon that offers your team a healthy balance of offensive and defensive abilities; these are mostly upper Champion-level Digimon.

  • C-Tier: These Digimon Monsters aren't terrible but should be replaced by better ones if you can help it; they are mostly lower Champion-Level (Adult) Digimon.

  • D-Tier: These are all the Baby or Child Digimon; these Monsters naturally lack the same damage, versatility, and resistance as other Digimon on this list. Although, what they lack in sheer power, they make up for in their cuteness.

Best Monsters in Digimon Survive

best strongest digivolution forms digimon survive
Many of the S-tier Digimon resemble Ultimate and Super Ultimate Digivolution forms. (Picture: Toei Animation)
  • S-Tier: Omegamon, Anubismon, Baihumon, Bancho Stingmon, Beelzemon, Ceresmon, Cherubimon, Dinorexmon, Gallantmon, Gran Kuwagamon, Hercules Kabuterimon, Magnadramon, Phoenixmon, Fanglongmon, Marine Angemon, Metal Garurumon, Metal Seadramon, Machinedramon, Piedmon, Puppetmon, Plesiomon, Plutomon, Azulongmon, Rosemon, Saber Leomon, Sakuyamon, Sakuyamon, Seraphimon, Spinomon, Varodurumon, Voltobautamon, War Greymon, Ebonwumon, and Zhuqiaomon.

  • A-Tier: Marine Devimon, Okuwamon, Metal Greymon, Etemon, Mega Seadramon, Blossomon, Monzaemon, Yatagaramon, Archnemon, Megadramon
    Holy Angemon, Mega Kabuterimon, Garudamon, Lilymon, Zudomon, Angewomon, Were Garurumon, Vamdemon, Triceramon, Cerberumon, Andiramon, Mermaimon, Taomon, Panjyamon, Andromon, Blue Meramon, and Gigadramon.
  • B-Tier: Vegimon, Tyranomon, Wendimon, Cyclomon, Kuwagamon, Guardromon, Growmon, Renamon, Betamon, Gazimon, Garurumon, Numemon, Meramon, Deltamon, Greymon, Shellmon, Vegimon, Fangmon, Seadramon, Diatrymon, Flymon, Angemon, Kabuterimon, and Birdramon.

  • C-Tier: Togemon, Ikkakumon, Tailmon, Siesamon, Dokugumon, Tyranomon, Tuskmon, Sangloupmon, Turuiemon, Wendimon, Kyubimon, Leomon, Kiwimon, Cyclomon, Kuwagamon, Guardromon, Growmon, and Dobermon.

  • D-Tier: Agumon, Betamon, Dracumon (Dracmon), Falcomon, Floramon, Gabumon, Gazimon, Gomamon, Gottsumon, Guilmon, Kunemon, Labramon, Lopmon, Palmon, Patamon, Piyomon, Renamon, Shakomon (Syakomon), Tentomon, and Koromon.

Digimon Survive - Best And Strongest Digital Monster

who is the strongest best most powerful digital monster digimon survive Omegamon
Omegamon is arguably the most powerful Digital Monster in Digimon Survive. (Picture: Bandai Namco)

The strongest Digital Monster in Digimon Survive is probably Omegamon since he is the only all-powerful Super Ultimate type in the game. He boasts an insane 245 Physical Atk and 230 Sp. Atk damage, 1526 HP at the base level, and a Passive Skill that raises damage dealt by Fire and Light attacks two ranks; it also increases damage dealt to Wraithful types by two more levels.

While we attempted to be as objective as possible, this tier list reflects the author's opinions. As a result, you are encouraged to play with the Digimon that you feel most comfortable.

That concludes our tier list of the best Digital Monsters in Digimon Survive.