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Digimon Survive Story Length – How Long To Beat?

Players wondering what the story length for Digimon Survive is, we've detailed the estimated and completed time it takes to finish the story.
Digimon Survive Story Length – How Long To Beat?

Avid Digmon fans have access to the much-anticipated turn-based JRPG Digimon Survive from developer Hyde and publisher Bandai Namco. The game follows protagonist Takuma Momozuka who gets pulled into a strange world filled with monsters and beasts as they have to battle their way back home.

As the fate of various characters and digital monsters rests in your hands, you'll spend much time learning about the game through its story, but how long will it take? We have the complete scope of the story's length and how many chapters are available in Digimon Survive.

How long to complete the story for Digimon Survive?

The hybrid visual novel and tactical JRPG plunges players into an ominous world where ferocious Digimons battle it out with grim outcomes. As players fight out to survive the events of Digimon Survive, the game's producer has provided some information about the game's story and how long it takes to complete.

digimon survive game story campaign how long to beat difficulty fast-forward text route
Depending on the use of fast-forwarding for text, difficulty, and chosen route, you can complete Digimon Survive in 40 hours. (Picture: Bandai Namco)

In an interview with Gematsu, Digimon Survive producer, Kazumasa Habu, explained that depending on which route you've embarked on, it could take up to 40 hours to complete the entire game's story campaign. As the game's story is spread across 12 chapters, various challenges and endgame content can increase the length between 80-100 hours.

Similarly, from Chapter 8 onwards, it will branch off into three routes: Morality, Harmony, and Rage. Habu elaborated that you can attain one of these endings based on how you play through the chapters: "the secret route will be unlocked."

Habu stated that "the ratio of the game, the volume of text adventure and tactics battle is about 7:3, and the game is mainly text adventure." This means that most of your gameplay experience is dedicated to fleshing out the story through dialogue, with some time allocated to combat.

The game's official trailer showcases a bleak yet dangerous world the characters and their Digimons will have to navigate. Habu has commented that the darker tones and themes in the game are why it's geared toward "adult fans who are game users."

digimon survive game story campaign adult mature themes digital monsters
Digimon Survive is, by comparison, much darker in themes than previous Digimon games. (Picture: Bandai Namco)

As the game's developer HYDE is targeting Digimon Survive to be "a one-of-a-kind experience" for its players, it has warned them from potentially ruining it by revealing spoilers. Specifically, about the events in Chapter 5, "we ask players to avoid posting anything on social media that may spoil the story" for the months following the game's release.

As such, they've launched a social media campaign, #DigimonSurviveSpoilers, for those who wish to reveal the game's story details. Lastly, the game will have a Game+ feature for players to carry over their progress, including Digimon levels, items, gear, monsters, and more as additional content to be made available to players.

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Featured image courtesy of Bandai Namco.