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Don't Starve Together Roadmap (2024): Updates and Upcoming Content

Looking for Don't Starve Together's Roadmap? Here's what's in store for 2023-2024.
Don't Starve Together Roadmap (2024): Updates and Upcoming Content
Klei Entertainment

Don't Starve Together is regularly updating with new content, including chances to gameplay, enhancements, temporary events, and more. Don't Starve Together's Roadmap gives players an idea of what to expect in the coming year in the game. Here's the 2023-2024 Roadmap for Don't Starve Together so fans can know what's in store for the game's future.

Latest News

Below we'll keep you updated on any short news that might impact future roadmaps and content coming to the game.

31 January 2024 - New Roadmap revealed

This page has been updated with all the relevant info released by the team as part of their latest blog post earlier today.

29 September 2023 - A preview for the next update!

Hey look, it's a preview of the next update coming to DST!

don't starve together
Don't Starve Together receives regular updates throughout the year. (Picture: Klei Entertainment)

Don't Starve Together 2024 Roadmap

Don't Starve Together's team hasn't released a blow-by-blow roadmap for 2024 but they have provided fans with a blog post that goes into quite a bit of detail of what to expect this year.

First off, the developers confirmed they are going to have longer periods between updates in order to have "more substantial and impactful gameplay updates".

To facilitate this change DST will instead move forward with a new update schedule that will see the devs release 4 major updates "each containing a mix of QOL, content and additional character updates". On top of the more sizeable updates, the team also plans to release new lore shorts, skins, and occasional news to keep fans in the loop without prolonged periods of silence.

I think it’s important to make some clarifications here. We have been doing frequent and regular updates since Don’t Starve originally debuted on the Chrome web store in 2011. We believe the cadence of these updates has helped our games remain fresh and interesting but also helps us build strong community interest. We are pretty apprehensive about this change as we are concerned that the time between updates could slow the community down. So we will be watching closely and making adjustments as needed in the future. This isn’t a massive change, but it is a change and we think the result will be a much more enjoyable experience for players overall.

One thing that the developers were also keen to address is that, whilst this new routine will result in less frequent updates, it will allow the team more time to work directly on each update.

"Don’t Starve Together has become a massive game with a lot of moving parts, and it takes us a bit more time to put things together than it did in the past. The point is that you’re still getting the same amount of content in this roadmap, just not as frequent."